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If you’re looking to take that next big step, the Acuity Ultra press just may align with your line of thinking. 

The Acuity Ultra is a major step up in output, in both quality and productivity. Larger businesses and major luxury brands will be impressed by the machine’s extra width up to 5 meters, the option to print multiple rolls simultaneously, and its ability to print outstanding quality with no compromise on speed. 

So whether you’re looking at producing billboards, backlit signage or indoor displays, the Acuity Ultra has you covered. The machine’s massive format size, 2- or 3-up multi-roll potential, and ability to print on a broad range of materials enables you to profitably create trade show graphics, POP signage, high-value graphic art, backlit displays, interior décor and wall coverings, outdoor displays, outdoor signage, and more.

Built around Fujifilm’s UV cured inkjet technologies, the Acuity Ultra offers near photographic levels of quality at impressive production speeds with the versatility to produce a wide array of applications—all at a cost set to shake up the superwide format marketplace.

“The remarkable quality and low running costs are going to make the Acuity Ultra series stand out to print providers who are looking to capture more profitable flexible printing work,” says Becky McConnell, segment marketing manager—wide format inkjet, FUJIFILM North America Corporation, Graphic Systems Division. “With our high pigment concentration in Fujifilm inks, the prints are nothing short of breathtaking, and the cost to run the machine is going to be just as attractive as the prints to business owners.”

Available in 5 meter and 3.2 meter models, the Acuity Ultra is available with up to eight color channels, featuring a high-density, low film weight Uvijet GS Fujifilm ink. The ink, which is UL GREENGUARD® approved, is specifically designed to deliver the highest quality and is fully emission-compliant for interior graphic display work.

Fujifilm’s commitment to environmental responsibility has been recognized through achieving UL GREENGUARD certification for its Uvijet GS range of inks for the Acuity Ultra. Certification means that a product has been rigorously tested and shown to have low emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). This becomes even more important in of the growing market of producing printed custom interior design graphics and elements like wallpapers and wall coverings.

Quality, and Then Some...

With a 3.5pl drop size—the smallest of any of Fujifilm’s wide format devices—you are ensured to have the highest possible quality. 

Based on conventional UV technology, it also runs at much higher speeds than LED cured machines, but as the vacuum table is efficiently water-cooled, there is not an excessive build-up of heat on the print plate—that means no shrinkage and expanded application potential.

The Acuity Ultra is fully equipped to handle versatility with advanced features for flexible and productive printing, including an on-board backlighting feature that enables you to check image quality during printing.

Under the Hood

A close up look at why the acuity ultra is for you. The machine, which features a quick start up and simple operator maintenance, offers: 

  • Print speeds up to 4,327 square feet per hour (402 square meters per hour)
  • Configuration options: CMYKLcLm, CMYKLcLm+WW, and CMYKCMYK
  • 5 picoliter grayscale printheads
  • 004-inch to 0.08-inch (0.1 to 2.0 mm) media thickness capabilities
  • Available in 3.2 meter and 5 meter models
  • Robust machine build and linear drive system
  • Chilled vacuum table for handling heat-sensitive materials 

The Acuity Ultra is fully equipped to handle versatility with advanced features for flexible and productive printing.