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Whether you’re looking to improve your press operations or your production capabilities, as converters, we need to constantly adapt to changing markets. And 2020 has been one of the biggest curveballs for every business. But one thing remains the same: we need to evolve to maintain relevance.

So this year, make the most of what you have and consider what you can do to spend smart and build profits through efficiency. Here are the top 4 ways you can increase your business profitability in 2020.

Waterwash Plates & Processors System

  1. Water wash technology has exposed solvent and thermal plates. Fujifilm state-of-the-art Flenex FW plates reduce total platemaking processing times 3x faster than solvent and 1.5x faster than thermal. That translates to a dramatic decrease in your time to press without the need of duplicate plates. The ability to produce 200 lpi print quality of Flenex FW plates enable high quality performance and long run durability on press. Combine water wash plates with a Fujifilm CTP processor and you will have virtually eliminated plate waste during processing. Put them in, Coach. They’re ready to play—and to save you money from the old solvent and thermal.

UV-LED Curing System & Inks

  1. Illumina UV-LED features the industry’s only print technology without heat and the unique patented design reduces energy usage by 50% more than conventional LED systems. Annual energy costs will be reduced by over 90% vs. UV and 75% vs. waterbase. Parts and maintenance are almost eliminated. Pair Illumina with Fujifilm’s 300 Series UV flexo inks and you’ll be able to run your press faster thanks to the superior ink adhesion and drying power without the need for chill rollers. Best of all, Illumina converts any traditional UV or water-based flexo press to UV-LED in one day or less. Bring it up to the big leagues.

G7 Color Management

  1. Your customers want accurate, predictable and repeatable color in their jobs. If the final print doesn’t match the expectations of your proof set with the client, you may have more than an unhappy customer. Take control of color in your presses with ColorPath Sync. This cloud-based color management software includes G7 alignments to meet your customer demands and color predictions to match color more quickly prior to starting the job. It’s the tool your presses need to win.


  1. Want the benefit of new technology without the commitment of a new press? Configure your existing equipment to meet targeted print applications by adding a Graphium printbar. You gain digital embellishment capability or high opacity digital white that will boost your print margins and provide a competitive edge for brand-conscious packaging. Graphium print bar delivers value-added service without the cost, time and effort required to create new plates or screens. It’s the ultimate utility player.

Ready to re-tool? Draft a few of these players and you’ll be dynasty-ready. Fujifilm knows color, and we can help you perfect your packaging process. See what happens to your business when the color pioneers play on your team. For more information, visit FujifilmPackaging.com.