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EskoArtwork release of ArtPro 9.0 immediate success

Press release from the issuing company

Gent (Belgium), October 8, 2008 – EskoArtwork today announced that the latest version of ArtPro 9.0 has met with tremendous customer approval, with 75% of current ArtPro 8.0 customers upgrading to the new version within a week of launch.

"One of our key objectives following the acquisition of Artwork Systems by Esko was to leverage the synergies of the respective products through increased integration," said Carsten Knudsen, President and CEO of EskoArtwork. "ArtPro 9.0 is a perfect example of the synergy that we saw between the two companies. ArtPro 9.0 is now integrated with mature EskoArtwork workflow solutions, including Nexus, Odystar and BackStage. ArtPro users can take advantage of these efficiencies," added Carsten Knudsen.

ArtPro users are already starting to benefit from upgrading to ArtPro 9.0. "ArtPro's support for normalized PDF allows us to submit files directly to workflows that previously were exclusively PDF, a tremendous benefit when working with BackStage," said Tobias Frey, prepress manager of CD CARTONDRUCK AG. "We are examining our current processes in order to take full advantage of all of the new capabilities that are now available to us."

ArtPro 9.0 offers the most advanced solution on the market, especially when combined with the rest of the EskoArtwork product suite. The ability for ArtPro users to seamlessly exchange PDF production assets with other EskoArtwork applications without the need for conversion and with maintenance of critical production data boosts efficiency and reduces processing time, waste and errors. ArtPro 9.0 also imports native ArtiosCAD structural design files, an important enhancement for users in the folding carton industry. ArtPro 9.0's direct link to EskoArtwork Visualizer then allows instant creation of 3D mock-ups in an ultra-realistic, real-time environment that is revolutionizing the design of packaging and other dimensional applications.

EskoArtwork ArtPro 9.0 brings unmatched productivity to the production process.

With more than 12 000 licenses worldwide, ArtPro has become the standard in the packaging prepress industry. With ArtPro 9.0, prepress professionals can turn designs into print-ready files instantly, resulting in productivity benefits that remain unmatched by any other solution in the market.

- Easily Import Designs. Designs become fully editable files when ingested into ArtPro using its robust import mechanism. The import filter performs extensive preflighting and offers expert control over the incoming files, including separation remapping; on-the-fly ink conversions to Opaltone, Hexachrome, Indichrome or other multi-color systems; OPI swapping; and font management. ArtPro's fast and accurate vectorization module imports designs which originate from conventional scanned artwork.

- Extended Gamut and MCPP. With the Equinox module ArtPro supports the conversion of line work and vignettes to extended gamut printing and MCPP of the entire job or on a selection.

- Advanced Editing Capability. Once the design has been imported into the ArtPro environment, all objects, including line art, live text and images, can be checked for shape, color, screening, transparency, blend mode and their relationships in the file structure (compound groups and layers). In addition, all parameters can be easily changed.

- Complex Trapping Made Easy. ArtPro 9.0's PowerTrapper module is based on proven 4Stage technology. This technology flawlessly handles the transparencies and blend modes that are often included today's modern design files. PowerTrapper is fully compliant with packaging applications and is able to handle special color pairs, opaque inks, varnishes, white plates, rich black trapping, and more.

- ArtLink automatically renders different versions of one file with hot links built into the ArtPro production file. These links connect the content and parameters of different objects to records in a database.

- viewX provides real-time pre-visualization depicting how the design will print and allows for verifying the printed result before expensive proofs or plates are made.

- PowerWarp allows distortion of a partial or complete graphic image to compensate for the deformation the printed product will undergo when it adopts its final 3-dimensional shape. Typical use cases are tin cans, cups and shrink sleeves.

- InPDF facilitates data interchange among designers, consumer product companies and prepress professionals. InPDF builds the bridge between ArtPro's extended imaging model and Adobe Illustrator. With this smart handshake format, users can open and edit print-ready production files in Adobe Illustrator.

- Structural Design Integration. ArtPro imports the industry's most popular native CAD file formats, including ArtiosCAD and common formats such as CFF2 and DDES. ArtPro's CAD export functionality enables the addition of cuts and creases to existing ArtiosCAD designs for a perfect match between print and die. ArtPro also incorporates EskoArtwork's new structural design software for flexible packaging shapes, and close integration with EskoArtwork Visualizer allows instant ultra-realistic visualization. ArtPro also seamlessly integrates with EskoArtwork's Studio Toolkit for Flexibles. This unique flexible packaging design application allows a designer to build realistic structural models of common flexible packaging types in a matter of minutes.