Creo Launches Digital Contone Contract Proofing, Veris Proofer

Press release from the issuing company

IPEX 2002 BIRMINGHAM, UK -- April 11, 2002 -- Creo Inc. announces the Creo Veris proofer, the new generation, 4-up, tabletop proofing system that confirms Creo as a world leader in providing digital contract proofing solutions. The innovative Veris proofing system uses a new Creo technology-Multi-Drop Array inkjet-for high image quality and consistency. The Veris proofer produces high quality proofs with a controlled stream of dots that are precisely formed and placed. The Multi-Drop Array technology allows the Veris proofing system to provide a true symmetrical resolution of 1500 x 1500 dpi. "Now you don't have to compromise high quality for good productivity," says Marc Tinkler, product marketing manager. "The Creo Veris proofer provides higher resolution and improved color repeatability at higher speed." The new proofer establishes superior standards for high quality digital contract proofing and widens the gap from other less sophisticated inkjet technologies that use larger and more randomly placed drops." The Veris proofer uses another breakthrough technology, the Certified Proofing Process that Creo developed to provide quality assurance to the customer. The Certified Proofing Process, being seen for the first time at IPEX, creates a more secure proof that is easy for proof producers and their customers to use and understand. The Veris system checks that the correct process is used to make the proof. First, the Veris system checks that the proofer has been calibrated recently and that the correct calibration set-up has been used. Next, the system verifies that the correct ICC (International Color Consortium) profile has been selected. Finally, the system will ensure that the proof is printed with the ink and media defined for the proof. The Creo Veris will use certified Iris(r) Pro Pack Ink and IrisPRO II media. When the Veris proofer has checked that each of these conditions is met, a logo for the Certified Proofing Process is printed on the proof. This logo ensures that everyone who sees the proof will know it has been made to a specific defined and precisely controlled process.