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printLYNXX Version 5.7 Provides Important Enhanced Tools for Buyers

Press release from the issuing company

Chambersburg, PA - July 16, 2002 - The e-LYNXX Corporation, the leading providers of buyer-centric print e-management solutions, has upgraded its printLYNXX solution in two key areas. printLYNXX Version 5.7 offers enhanced capabilities allowing organizations to go beyond the simple communication and job delivery verification offered by other solutions. The new release: - allows all printLYNXX users within the creative or buying teams to easily invite service providers for advice, input and assistance at any point of the process; and - provides a more robust tool to gather from diverse locations the quality, quantity, and receiving data that ensures job completion and accuracy. "Procurement of a print job does not begin simply with contacting a printer, nor end when the supplier says the job was shipped," says e-LYNXX Product Development Manager Keith Roseland-Barnes. "A true end-to-end solution must provide collaboration with other providers of essential services that compliment the work of a printer, and it must gather data from the warehouse and end user to assure that the buyer's expectations for quality, quantity and timeliness were actually met." One part of the new release allows non-print service providers to communicate with procurement team members across the printLYNXX portal system. For example, an advertising agency could be invited to join the pre-set job team for just a specific task within the procurement process and provide its expert service. While the agency may not be needed at any other juncture to complete the print procurement, the input is permanently archived in the electronic job jacket for future reference. While earlier printLYNXX versions provided "three-point matching" tools to verify on-time delivery, quantity, and quality, version 5.7 takes this essential step in the procurement process further by allowing deeper tracking of the shipping process. "Print buyers need real-time reporting that the correct quantity, on-time delivery and quality of the printed job are being met per the specification. A true e-management system must be built with the understanding that this three-point matching is frequently compiled through input by team members at diverse locations," says Roseland-Barnes. "Verification that all three have been met is required to approve payment because a job can be printed perfectly and in the correct quantity, but if it is late for a time-sensitive event, then it is simply no-good. The communication matrix built into printLYNXX, always provides the job coordinator, and all team members, with centralized reporting of each of these essential steps." Information on the complete web-based printLYNXX solution is available at www.printlynxx.com. e-LYNXX staff is also available by calling 888-876-5432.