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Cacidi Charts CC provides new and improved opportunities for creative users of Adobe InDesign CC

Press release from the issuing company

Copenhagen – Cacidi Systems, a leading software developer of design-driven, automated graphic production, announces a complete world class solution for creation – and editing – of charts, directly in your Adobe InDesign CC document.

Cacidi Charts CC – At a Glance

Cacidi Charts CC is a plugin that provides a wealth of good opportunities to create great and informative graphs or charts based on data entered in the palette or retrieved from CSV files. In the large selection of graphs, you can choose between Pie Chart, Column Chart, Stacked Column Chart, Bars Chart, Line or Scatter Chart.

A wide range of adjustment options, for example, provides Option to check whether lines are to be used behind the graph, distance can be adjusted between columns or whether values ??are displayed. All changes applied are displayed in real time and can be easily adjusted.

Cacidi Charts CC provide graphs that are alive. Change Data, design or settings, and the result is seen instantly. Also, the graph is never scaled out of proportions, Charts CC re-computes its form and content dynamically.

Graph types in Cacidi Charts CC

• Pie Chart

The layer cake graph shows the first line of data as a cut pizza or layer cake that can be set if the pie chart should have a so-called Donut Hole, a round hole in the center of the graph, and if columns are set to be Offset Center, the distance can be defined.

• Column Chart

Column graphs are traditional column graphs, where several of the same type are displayed in groups, each row in data is given different colors.

• Bar Chart

The bar graph is the same as the column graph, just reversed so that the columns lie horizontally instead of vertical

• Stacked Column Chart

With the Stacked Column Chart, the values ??of the same type are put together instead of appearing next to each other, shading in color makes it possible to know the difference between the individual values.

• Area Chart

Area graph shows one or more blocks of data as colored areas that can be adjusted in transparency to better read overlying areas.

• Line Scatter Chart

This graph may have two different looks, like clean lines, as dots or as a combination of both. For all the different types of graphs, a ledger can be displayed, with the names of the individual types of data.

• A Live Object

Cacidi Charts gives live update of all settings, data as well as appearance can easy be adjusted and all are on-the-fly redrawn. Size adjustment of the charts will auto redraw and e.g. lines in the background will by use of our custom algorithm be

Color styling af the charts can be controlled by creating user determined styles, and a lot of settings like space between columns, lines in the back ground of charts, values can be shown and for Pies, a doughnut hole can be adjusted and some slides of the pie can even be offset from the center.

Automated creation of charts can be done using Cacidi Extreme CC or Cacidi LiveMerge CC, for both, all setting of the chart will be a part of the snippet, and data can flown into the chart fully automatic. 100% scripting support, for Javascript, AppleScript and Visual Basic. Full creation of the chart with all settings and styling of the chart.



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