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AVT Workflow Link And Printflow Manager Add Quality Information Layer To Printing Processes

Press release from the issuing company

Hod-Hasharon, Israel, May 6, 2004 – Advanced Vision Technology Ltd (AVT) announces the launch of the Workflow Link and PrintFlow Manager solutions to provide a new ‘quality information layer’ to printers and production managers. These solutions are optional modules for the various AVT PrintVision automatic inspection platforms. A Powerful Quality Layer for Management The basic element for the new quality information layer is the enhanced PrintFlow module used in conjunction with any of the AVT PrintVision automatic web inspection solutions. The new PrintFlow features, among others, a versatile, standard SQL database platform. It provides comprehensive job and roll quality information, including defect statistics, defect classification, frequency, duration and images of both the master and any defective print. Using the information down the stream… AVT’s new WorkFlow Link option provides increased control over waste removal from a printed roll, while saving time in the finishing process. The WorkFlow Link solution uses the print quality information generated by the PrintFlow module to control the rewinder and stop it automatically in the correct place, enabling efficient removal of defective material. Used with a PrintVision system on the press, the WorkFlow Link places location marks at pre-determined intervals on the printed rolls. The roll is delivered to the rewinder that also receives the WorkFlow Link information. This information is composed of the run-time quality information and the location references. A reader on the rewinder ensures that the recorder quality control information of the PrintFlow is synchronized with its physical location on the printed roll at all times, even if sections of the roll are removed as a part of the quality assurance process. This combined and synchronized quality data enables WorkFlow Link to control the rewinder automatically, slowing it down and stopping the web at the beginning of each defective area, ready for removal. ...and taking it to a new dimension The AVT PrintFlow Manager delivers print quality information from the production floor to managers and production engineers, enabling them to monitor, analyze and control the quality of the complete production process from their desktop computers. The provision of quality information opens a new level of production quality management, for the benefit of both printers and their customers. The new PrintFlow Manager extends the benefits of PrintFlow to print house managers (supervisor, quality assurance managers, production managers, etc.) enabling them to view and process information from the databases of any AVT PrintVision platform on the site. PrintFlow Manager provides tools to monitor, compare, review and analyse jobs, with attention to press type, inks, substrates and other aspects. Reports can be easily defined and generated based on the quality information, providing printers and their customers with the most useful information. “In the printing and converting processes, we typically refer to the ‘physical layer’ which is the flow of tangible material and the product evolution from the start to the end of the production line,” comments Koby Shtaierman, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing of AVT. “In a modern working environment, it is also necessary to manage the flow of information along the industrial process and bring it to the analysis and decision making levels. This is the ‘information layer’, which is an essential driver of efficient production processes,” added Mr. Shtaierman. “AVT is proud to add the ’quality information layer’ to the printing and converting processes with its Workflow Link and PrintFlow Manager, and to pioneer delivery of solutions for this important aspect of modern printing sites,” concluded Mr. Shtaierman. WorkFlow Link, PrintFlow Manger and the enhanced PrintFlow solutions, are optional modules to all AVT PrintVision platforms, and all will be demonstrated at AVT booth, Hall 3 F69 during drupa 2004.