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Sandy Alexander installs Two Fujifilm FINALPROOF Digital Proofers

Press release from the issuing company

HANOVER PARK, Ill., April 2004 – “Everything they say about the FINALPROOF – the accuracy, pigmentation, consistency – it’s all true,” says Mike Graff, executive vice president at Sandy Alexander, one of the largest independently owned graphic communications companies in the United States. Sandy Alexander, based in Clifton, N.J., recently installed two Fujifilm FINALPROOF digital contract proofers after finding inconsistencies with previous proofing methods. “It became very frustrating,” explains Graff. “Color management is based on consistent output and we were ending up chasing our tail. We have invested a tremendous amount of time and energy in having the best color management system in the country and needed a proofing solution that would help support it.” Graff says they decided to test the FINALPROOF and found the consistency to be “remarkable.” He adds, “It really does what it says.” The Fujifilm FINALPROOF offers true halftone dot screening in a digital contract proof. Based on FujiProof Color-Art standards, this proofing system delivers the quality necessary for high-end production, which is Sandy Alexander’s area of expertise. In addition, FINALPROOF’s design affords users the ability to run the proofer unattended, allowing them to meet increasingly tight deadlines. FINALPROOF can accommodate up to six rolls of donor material, including the pigment-based C, M, Y and K donor materials. In addition to newly introduced white and metallic donor materials, Fujifilm also offers orange, red, blue and green donors. Sandy Alexander specializes in doing work for the automotive, fashion and cosmetic industries, along with a number of corporate communications departments, where color accuracy is a must. Graff also points out that his prepress department is running far fewer test strips and doesn’t have to specify a particular proofer for each job. “It doesn’t matter. We can run our jobs on each proofer interchangeably,” Graff says. “We used to run a test strip several times a day. Now, we don’t even run one once a week. And, when we do, it’s perfect.” The Fujifilm FINALPROOF is available exclusively through Enovation Graphic Systems, Inc. For more information on FINALPROOF and other products, visit www.getitfromtheexperts.com.