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Industrial Inkjet Printing Machine Incorporates UV Curing System, Komori to Make

Press release from the issuing company

GAITHERSBURG, MD, March 31, 2004 – TOPPAN Printing Company, Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) has developed a high quality industrial use inkjet printer, which they will use in their internal printing facilities and which they will also begin selling to other printing companies. TOPPAN’s inkjet printer incorporates UV curing technology to solve a common inkjet issue, which is to produce print quality equal to offset printing that is also water resistant. Inkjet printers dominate the office and consumer markets, but have not penetrated into industrial use applications. This is due primarily to the fact that typically inkjet printing costs about ten times more than offset printing and also has lower water resistance when standard printing paper is used. TOPPAN solved these issues by using UV curable inks that immediately cure when exposed to UV energy. The new printer incorporates two Fusion UV Light Hammer 6 (LH6) UV curing systems. Fusion UV’s LH6 is a six-inch, microwave-powered, high output UV curing system. TOPPAN chose the LH6 because of its long life and stable output, which is so important for industrial applications. The application for this printer is “on demand printing” in which a printer needs to customize a poster, calendar or other previously printed piece with a specific company name or logo upon receiving the order. Over the last three years TOPPAN developed a new ink drop delivery technique that results in equivalent high resolution of offset printing. The new printer is capable of printing 2,200 sheets per hour with A2 (16.5”x 23.4”) size paper. While this print speed is slower than high-speed offset printing, which is typically 5,000 sheets per hour, this is an acceptable print speed for “on demand printing” applications. This is the first time TOPPAN has entered the printing equipment sales arena. Komori Corporation, a large printing press manufacturer, will be manufacturing the new UV inkjet printer for TOPPAN. A pre-production machine is now being used for internal print testing. TOPPAN factories plan to start using the UV inkjet printer this October and sales to outside companies is expected to begin in 2005. The first year sales target for this printer is 600 million yen at a sales price for the single color system expected to be 30 million yen. TOPPAN Printing Co. developed this industrial use inkjet printer, which uses two Fusion LH6 curing systems. It can print 2,200 sheets/hour with equivalent offset printing quality.