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Solzer Studios Streamlines Proofing Process With Matchprint Virtual Proofing System

Press release from the issuing company

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA — One of San Francisco’s leading graphic services companies is saving its clients time and money with the Kodak Polychrome Graphics Matchprint Virtual Proofing System. Solzer Studios installed the SWOP-certified monitor proofing solution after seeing a demonstration earlier this year. Jochen Wenzel, Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Solzer Studios, says seeing the Matchprint Virtual Proofing system in action sold him immediately. “We’ve searched for years for a collaborative, color accurate, web-based workflow tool to meet our clients’ needs,” says Wenzel. “After KPG demonstrated the Matchprint Virtual Proofing system to us, I was speechless. Finally, we can offer our clients a solution that saves tremendous amounts of time and money while delivering accurate color; we are able to reach more clients in more markets and offer the fastest turnaround time without impacting quality.” By enabling color accurate online viewing of the many rounds of proofing that occur before a file is approved for print, the Matchprint Virtual Proofing system speeds up the approval process and fosters stronger collaboration among those involved in the production process through a comprehensive suite of proof management tools such as simultaneous annotations and viewing, an online densitometer and zooming. The Matchprint Virtual Proofing system utilizes Kodak Polychrome Graphics’ (KPG) patented color management technologies to not only deliver highly accurate on screen color proofs but to ensure color consistency day to day, monitor to monitor and site to site. “Solzer Studios prides itself on meeting customer quality expectations and increasingly aggressive deadlines for all possible print applications, from corporate collateral to magazine ads to packaging,” said Rob Pipe, Business Director, Virtual Proofing, KPG. “The Matchprint Virtual Proofing system ensures that Solzer Studios delivers on these expectations.” According to Wenzel, customers praise the decision to install the Matchprint Virtual Proofing system. “We give at least two demonstrations a day,” adds Wenzel. “Once a customer sees the technology in action, they are wowed. I strongly believe it’s only a matter of time until the entire industry will switch to virtual proofs.” Solzer plans to install three more Matchprint Virtual Proofing systems over the next several months to meet increased demand for the time, labor and cost saving solution. The Matchprint Virtual Proofing System consists of high-end, customized CRT monitors, proprietary color management technologies and a suite of Web-based, high-resolution image viewing, collaboration and the RealTimeProof suite of proof approval tools. Designed to provide the convenience and ease of use that graphic arts professionals have come to expect from digital technology, the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System is compatible with commonly used graphic arts file formats such as Scitex CT/LW, Tiff-IT, PDF, DCS, DCS II, PS, EPS and Tiff, and uses an application service provider model that is built on a secure and robust database that allows users to access files through their standard Web browsers. Proofs can be viewed and managed entirely online, including the ability to make annotations and mark-ups similar to hard-copy proofs.