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Agfa Graphics launches Arkitex Eversify 2.0 for easy display of publications on mobile devices

Press release from the issuing company

Agfa Graphics today announced the launch of Arkitex Eversify 2.0, which allows publishers to deliver their newspapers to a variety of tablets and smart phones. Arkitex Eversify (www.eversify.me) is a cloud-based automated production solution that comes as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). It delivers powerful presentation in the form of sophisticated image handling, audio and video animation and uses HTML5 to make a clear separation of style from content. 

“Arkitex Eversify automates the delivery of content to tablets and smart phones,” said Andy Grant, Head of Software at Agfa Graphics. "It smoothly integrates with the publisher's existing content systems. Start-up is fast and it offers a predictable and transparent cost structure." 

Designed specifically for newspapers that are looking for a straightforward way to enter mobile digital publishing without increasing production costs, Arkitex Eversify 2.0 includes many new features. 
"Arkitex Eversify promotes monetizing opportunities with digital content. The new features offer the publisher even more choices to keep control over the look and feel of his publication," Andy Grant added. "They can have it interactive or as an enriched digital copy, to give you one example." 

At the Social Local Mobile Mediaport stages during WPE2013 (Tuesday Oct. 8th 13:00) Thomas Kaulfuß from Sächsische Zeitung Dresden will present the use of Arkitex Eversify. "We were looking for an App solution that offers both automation and high quality reader experience. That is why we use Eversify," he says. 
New Features in Arkitex Eversify 2.0 

E-commerce integration: not every publisher has its own e-commerce system or a system for authenticating mobile readers. Arkitex Eversify supports in-app purchasing from the various stores (Apple, Google, Amazon), as well as integrating with 3rd party solutions and the publisher's own subscriber database. The choice is up to the publisher. 

Interactive news rack: Most newspaper racks for mobile devices are simply a method for readers to select which edition they wish to read. With Arkitex Eversify’s interactive news rack, publishers can drive sales of their digital newspaper by providing readers with a preview of the daily content. 

Enhanced analytics: From the marketing and monetizing side it is important for the publisher to understand what exactly readers are reading and for how long, from what devices, if they read the ads and if they click them. Enhanced analytics offers that valuable information so they can improve their mobile offering to both readers and advertisers. 

ITX Integration: Arkitex Eversify 2.0 routes images and PDF pages through the new Arkitex IntelliTune X 4.0 for image processing. This automatic and integrated repurposing of images that were originally designed for print publishing enhances images to display on mobile devices, including high-res retina displays. 

Streaming multimedia support: high-speed broadband networks encourage increased use of video and audio. Arkitex Eversify 2.0 gives the publisher the option of linking to video and audio on the web so that downloads of their publication is smaller and faster, while readers have access to a wider variety of on-demand content. This is in addition to the existing ability to embed everything inside the download making it possible to experience both video and audio while off-line. 

HTML widget support: In addition to existing support for live news feeds publishers can now include widgets with a variety of real-time information, including local weather, stock market quotes, traffic or even games in their mobile content with Arkitex Eversify’s HTML widget support. 

Enriched Digital Copy: In an attempt to replicate the print experience online, many publishers offer a 'mobile replica' as an added value for their readers. Arkitex Eversify’s Enriched Digital Copy not only displays a high quality copy of the print content, but adds links to web pages, ads, video, audio and more with a simple-to-use Acrobat plugin to assign the information.   

Apple/Google/Amazon store support: In addition to distributing apps via these stores, Arkitex Eversify now supports in-app purchasing through them as well. If the publisher wishes, they can sell content – as single editions or auto-renewing subscriptions - via these stores. 
Agfa Graphics can be found at the World Publishing Expo 2013 next month in Berlin, presenting the broadest variety of print and mobile publishing solutions for newspapers in Hall 2.2.540 and Hall 3.2.Counter N.


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