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Oce VarioPrint 2045, 2055, & 2065 Printer Family Integrates Enterprise Workflow

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March 25, 2004—Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced the new Océ VarioPrint 2045, 2055 and 2065 multifunctional systems that provide printing, copying and scan-to-file capabilities in one robust resource. Customers gain a more cost-effective way to integrate digital document workflow into their networks for better control, time- and cost-savings, and quality. “The Océ VarioPrint family is quickly expanding into one of the most versatile platforms on the market. With the new multifunctional Océ VarioPrint 20x5 line, customers gain more full-featured choices for professional-grade printing, copying and scanning-to-file at a variety of output speeds,” said Carl Joachim, vice president of marketing for Océ North America’s Digital Document Systems. “Users further achieve all the benefits of digital workflow automation for increased productivity, advanced security and better information delivery.” Workflow Automation Improves Information Delivery The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 line integrates document processes to increase office efficiency, especially in markets such as legal and government, finance, telecommunications and utilities. Routing critical documents directly to point of need, along with email notification, saves time and ensures information gets to the proper recipients immediately. As a result, relevant information can be shared more easily throughout the enterprise and supply chain. The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 family makes a strong contribution to Océ’s ability to support customers’ total enterprise document strategies. It expands Océ offerings to meet the needs of customers whose mixed office or transaction volumes don’t require the 30,000-70,000 images per month (ipm) best supported by the Océ VarioPrint 2060/2070 line. Typical users of the Océ VarioPrint 20x5 models will be offices with monthly volumes of 10,000 to 50,000 ipm, where a system might be installed in a corridor for convenient walk-up access. Upgrade Path Provides Investment Protection Océ reaffirms its commitment to flexibility and long-term investment protection with options and upgrades to enhance the various Océ VarioPrint 20x5 models. Systems can be purchased as digital copiers or as networked copier/printers. Speed upgrades are available, so customers can easily increase capabilities as needs change. A growth path based on modularity and upgradeability makes the Océ VarioPrint 20x5 a strategic investment for expanding enterprises. Software–Enabled Functionality Office users have more document needs than ever with printing and copying, as well as forwarding and distribution, scanning and emailing. The Océ Intra Logic utility offered with each Océ VarioPrint 20x5 system helps organizations gain more control over their digital document workflow. When coupled with Océ Intra Logic web-based device and job management software, Océ VarioPrint 20x5 systems empower IT support personnel with more control over devices, while end users benefit from desktop control of their digital print and hardcopy documents. The Web-enabled interface puts document and device control conveniently at the desktop with functions to maximize efficiency; optimize device usage; and simplify management, accountability, tracking and support. Optional Océ Scan Logic software further distinguishes Océ devices from the competition by enabling scan, print and copy workflow to come together on one device. This software turns the system into an easy-to-operate scanner for all hard-copy input. Users can scan documents to desktop, email or file to easily bring analog content into digital workflow where it can become more useful to the enterprise. Range of Capabilities Guarantee Versatility The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 platform scans, prints and copies onto a wide variety of media, and handles many file formats. The systems support letter-, legal- and ledger-size documents in simplex and duplex, and will offer several future finishing options. With the Océ VarioPrint 20x5 models, users can print on materials needed in industry and trade, such as paper and polyester labels, adhesive films, and heavy card stock. Superb print quality supports bar codes with excellent scanning readability. Because requirements of the high-end office market are so broad, Océ designed the Océ VarioPrint 20x5 family with a complete spectrum of speeds, all including multifunction capabilities. The family currently includes a 46-ppm Océ VarioPrint 2045, 52-ppm Océ VarioPrint 2055 or 62-ppm Océ VarioPrint 2065. Built-In Security and Accountability The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 offers the Océ Digital Mailbox to keep jobs separated, even when multiple users are producing documents. The Océ Digital Mailbox is also a security measure that stores print jobs in memory until the user enters a PIN at the system console. Confidential information is kept by the system until the user is ready to print. The system can also be programmed to automatically delete print jobs according to a designated schedule. The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 is especially efficient in public environments with many casual users, such as universities and schools. An accounting functionality can track use by department, group or individual down to the document level, so an organization can accurately charge for services. The system can also be equipped with an external copy control device that allows walk-up users to pay as they go. The Océ VarioPrint 20x5 line offers customers a number of ways to achieve an efficient total cost of ownership. Organizations can implement more cost-effective walk up printing with accountability controls, instead of relying on expensive, unmanaged office desktop printing. With three models, users can select the appropriate configuration to handle their needs most economically and reduce operational costs. The family enables more efficient workflow overall for creation, scanning, retrieval, storage, and routing of documents.