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OgilvyOne Launches Pageflex-Powered Campaign Director to Market

Press release from the issuing company

ON DEMAND 2004 NEW YORK--March 9, 2004-- Today at On Demand, OgilvyOne and Pageflex launched the OgilvyOne Campaign Director, a revolutionary new online collateral customization solution, powered by Pageflex technology, that provides better, faster and cheaper ways for clients to activate global marketing communications campaigns. The decision to launch OgilvyOne Campaign Director to the worldwide market reflects the commitment of OgilvyOne to remain on the forefront of technological advances that enable clients to deploy marketing and advertising collateral through global channels. OgilvyOne has been using Pageflex technology for several years now to power full scale online channel management programs for five global clients, in the technology, financial, retail, and healthcare industries. The success of these client-focused efforts led to the development of OgilvyOne Campaign Director, a standardized platform designed to meet the global command and control needs of OgilvyOne clients. "OgilvyOne offers brand management services that include a program for centralized brand management and distributed channel access," says Mark Schlief, Managing Director, OgilvyOne e-Marketing. "Technology is clearly a key strategic element of such a program and choosing the right components is essential. As the Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide unit responsible for defining strategic technology direction, OgilvyOne developed the Campaign Director platform and chose Pageflex as a key enabling technology. Without Pageflex, we would not have this tool." OgilvyOne Campaign Director provides clients with centralized brand management and localized customization for multi-channel marketing communications. Local channels can access corporate marketing and advertising collateral online from a centralized web site. With appropriate permissions, a local sales channel can customize materials online creating and ordering point-of-purchase materials, brochures, advertisements, and personalized print or email campaigns. Corporate command and control is achieved through the design of flexible templates that lock down portions of the document from editing as well as through centralized management of collateral design and channel access, providing the ability to monitor and manage marketing spend. OgilvyOne Campaign Director is re-branded for each of its clients to provide end user access to corporate marketing materials through the client's own corporate web site. A key element of the OgilvyOne model is global channel management. This requires not only global access but internationalization, including multi-lingual interfaces and output. "The fact that Pageflex supports deployment in 62 languages is very important to us," comments Schlief. "Without this, achieving a global solution would be impossible." OgilvyOne Campaign Director is currently deployed in six major languages and eleven countries, serving local sales channels in their own languages. "Pageflex technology has been architected from the ground up for the sophisticated design and corporate management needs of global marketing," says Anna Chagnon, Pageflex CEO. "OgilvyOne takes full advantage of these capabilities with Campaign Director and we're excited to be providing the key enabling technology that makes it all possible." For the first time in a public forum, Mark Schlief from OgilvyOne will be presenting OgilvyOne Campaign Director in New York this week at On Demand. He is speaking on Tuesday afternoon, March 9th, in the Digital Marketing Symposium conference.