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EskoArtwork Offers Converters a Clear Choice, in 3D, at PACKEXPO

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Innovative ways to create and design packaging and cartons highlights EskoArtwork display at booth S5549

Miamisburg, OH (USA),  – Creating corrugated packaging is not a 2D workflow, developed with 2D software solutions. At PACK EXPO 2011, booth S5549, EskoArtwork offers a Clear Choice, spotlighting precise reasons why converters and packagers choose its 3D design and production solutions time and time again. To showcase this, EskoArtwork will be giving away 3D graphic materials explaining what they do, along with materials finished on a Kongsberg table.

ArtiosCAD structural design software

EskoArtwork will demonstrate its latest version of ArtiosCAD, the world's most popular structural design software for packaging design. ArtiosCAD Version 7.7 hosts a an array of new features, not only offering greater productivity but also providing error elimination, operator time-savings and a true WISIWYG design experience. These new features help converters realize more efficient palletization of packaging while producing special diemaking tools easier.

ArtiosCAD 7.7 delivers the most advanced tools for the creation of steel, flattop, grid and combo blankers, including the addition of upper and lower boards, grid holes, blank holes and pusher - to name just a few. A roundtrip CAPE workflow allows specifications of cartons designed in ArtiosCAD to be sent to CAPE software for a pallet solution - which can then exported back to ArtiosCAD to create and show a realistic, 3D pallet-load. Also, enhancements in die-making and rubbering tools increase designer efficiency and optimize the manufacturing of cutting dies.

"EskoArtwork offers a clear choice for the packager and converter, providing tools, like ArtiosCAD, that enable true integration between structural design, graphic design and package production," explains Mark Quinlan, President, EskoArtwork North America. "These features, combined with our 3D design and production capabilities, result in the most productive, streamlined, and creative solutions available within the packaging industry. Our product portfolio-the fruit of our long heritage in the industry and extensive R&D in structural design-is developed with one objective in mind: to help make the package design and production process as simple and cost-effective as possible. ArtiosCAD, our Studio technology and our Kongsberg tables all accomplish this goal."

EskoArtwork Studio: creating artwork in 3D

Why work in a flat world? Rather than working on 2D flats, designers can create projects in 3D - designing with finished lines, adding graphics, and wrapping them around to see how they fit. Graphics can be designed on 3D materials using EskoArtwork Studio, a plug-in for Adobe  Illustrator  that puts interactive 3D display creation in the hands of the designer. Its 3D viewing environment lets designers see their artwork applied instantly on the screen.

One of the featured options available within Studio is EskoArtwork's Studio Toolkit for Boxes, an easy, cost-effective way to offer 3D services. Toolkit for Boxes cleans up die drawings and folds them into a structural design file. The designer can then use EskoArtwork Studio Designer or Visualizer to add the graphics artwork. There is no more need to cut, fold and glue printouts –a 3D rendering of the package is easily accessible, right on the screen. Studio Toolkit allows designers to create exciting 3D visuals to show to their clients, ranging from PDF files with 3D content, to movies, or virtual pack shots. Converters can check for mistakes, on screen, in 3D, before making costly printing plates, embossing dies or varnish blankets.

Suite 10: Complete prepress solution

EskoArtwork will also demonstrate its Suite 10, a software solution for packaging prepress, 3D structural design and quality assurance, collaboration and automation, and color management. Reducing the risk of human errors is built into every aspect of Suite 10 – in the first instance by automating the workflow as much as possible, and secondly by introducing 3D capabilities as quality assurance tools for an error-free workflow.

Suite 10 brings advanced capabilities in prepress editing and workflow automation without the need to re-engineer operational workflows or to re-train operators. The user interface of the workflow editor is both extremely intuitive and really powerful, making it easy to set up and manage dynamic workflows both for small and medium operations as well as for larger multi-product facilities.

PACK EXPO visitors can follow demonstrations of the Automation Engine 10 and editor applications: ArtPro 10, PackEdge 10, DeskPack 10, ArtiosCAD 10 and Studio 10.

Kongsberg XP 24 Auto digital finishing system

On display is the Kongsberg XP 24, the world's fastest digital finishing system, providing a flexible and highly reliable solution for short run production. Solidly designed, it offers 24/7 full-time production, and provides accurate handling of even the most challenging materials. With a maximum working area of 87"x126" and a maximum speed of 66" ips (inches per second), the XP series can convert a wide range of board, sheet and roll materials. It was made especially for handling the combination of corrugated board and other rigid materials used in packaging. The Kongsberg XP runs jobs ranging from a single unit prototype to full-scale short-run production of up to a 1,000 units in a day. An optional conveyor extension along with an Auto-Feeder with scissor-lift and transfer cart system expands the quantity of print runs that can be pre-stacked. The seamless workflow no longer requires an operator to restack or transfer materials.

"We look forward to showing converters and corrugated packagers at PACK EXPO how they can produce work more efficiently, while finding new, high-value, profitable services to offer," concludes Quinlan. "We have a long history of offering innovative solutions to the packaging industry, and the industry has responded by making our products the market leaders in packaging pre-production. We take our leadership role within the industry very seriously, and will continue to look for ways to help our customers streamline their operation and improve and expand their business."


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