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Bowne: RapidView System Increases Security and Speeds Discovery For Law Firms

Press release from the issuing company

NEW YORK, Oct. 8 -- Bowne Business Solutions (BBS), a division of Bowne & Co., Inc. and a leading provider of products and outsourced services to 90 percent of the top 200 law firms, today launches RapidView, a unique Web-based, document hosting capability that makes lawsuit and 2nd Request preparation easier and more cost effective for litigation teams involved in document discovery and due diligence. "Bowne's RapidView permits law firms to collaboratively view, search and store electronic document and data files, online, in their native format. RapidView significantly reduces the time and costs associated with document discovery," said David Shea, President of BBS. "It also allows clients to set four levels of password-based security access, providing an unprecedented level of control over sensitive information. "The amount of space on a law firm's network -- not to mention the costs associated with building and maintaining this type of system -- makes it prohibitive for a law firm to consider hosting large volumes of documents internally. BBS is committed to providing litigation solutions and support -- such as RapidView -- while adding value to the litigation process without increasing costs," Shea said. RapidView Meets Today's Challenges As law firms and other businesses move towards increased electronic document and data storage, as well as e-mail communications, professionals are faced with the added pressure of reviewing electronic files in addition to the tremendous volume of paper-based documents that traditionally comprised the document discovery process. The time -- and costs -- associated with meeting this new challenge are burdensome for law firms and their clients. "Litigators and corporate attorneys face overwhelming volumes of data from the increase in electronic files -- especially the e-mail evidence so essential now in discovery and due diligence," explained Shea. "And, with firms under pressure from clients to manage such ancillary costs, ASP technology and native file review tools represent an effective and secure way for law firms to better manage a case's electronic document workflow without investing additional law firm resources." Unique PDF and TIFF Capability With RapidView, users can, for the first time, view documents in their native file format, and only select the relevant files to be converted to PDF or TIFF formats. Previously, documents had to be converted before being viewed. The result of this process was that legal teams spent too much time and money gathering unnecessary information. Bowne Business Solutions BBS' services for law firms, professional services groups, corporations and other organizations, include presentation and creative services; word processing; copy, mail and fax operations; help desk and information technology services; and JFS Litigator's Notebook. In addition, Bowne DecisionQuest, a division of Bowne Business Solutions, specializes in trial consulting and jury research, demonstrative exhibits, courtroom technology and the award-winning CaseSoft litigation software.