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Prim Hall Packaging System Solves Newspaper Insert Problems

Press release from the issuing company

Plattsburgh, NY, January 26, 2004 -- The Prim Hall FSI Packaging System dramatically increases the efficiency and system accountability of newspaper inserting at papers both large and small. The system—currently in use at major newspapers including the Chicago Tribune, The Washington Post, and the Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel—can deliver microzoned or address-specific polywrapped insert packages at speeds as high as 18,000 per hour. As many as 120 different preprints of wide-ranging sizes can be accommodated, eliminating dual and multiple pass packages. Commenting on the acceptance of the Packaging System at key newspapers, Prim Hall president John Prim noted: “Newspapers today face increased distribution challenges as their numbers of zones increase and insert packages become ever more complex. By polywrapping inserts, the Prim Hall FSI Packaging System eliminates mess and insert loss, both in the newspaper distribution system and at retail outlets. Perhaps even more important, newspapers using the Prim Hall FSI Packaging System have experienced broad acceptance of polywrapped insert packages. Distribution centers, retailers, consumers, and advertisers have all responded positively to the handling ease and insert accuracy found with packages produced on the Prim Hall FSI Packaging System.” The Prim Hall FSI Packaging System consists of a number of components, which can be arranged to accommodate various floorspace requirements. Insert packages as thick as 3 inches can be assembled, and the system can print and apply both bundle and individual package labels at full speed. The Prim Hall Accu-Count Caliper counts multiple pulls, while detecting deviations in insert thickness as small as 0.002 inches, thus ensuring that inventory counts are accurate and that preprints are accurately distributed. The system can run at full speed from zone to zone without pausing or creating “blanks.” Prim Hall was founded by John Prim and Dave Hall in 1988, and has become the choice of the graphic arts, direct mail and newspaper industries for quality demographic, finishing and press delivery systems. The company operates a 43,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Plattsburgh, New York, complete with machine shop and engineering department. Prim Hall offers an unparalleled level of design and manufacturing expertise, and has the ability to quickly customize products to solve specific customer problems. Contact Prim Hall at 518-561-7408 or log on to www.primhall.com.