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Myriad Reports a Significant Increase in Productivity with Exstream

Press release from the issuing company

January 14, 2004 -- Exstream Software, Inc. announced today positive reports from Myriad Systems, Inc. (MSI), a satisfied user of its Dialogue Software. MSI, an Oklahoma based provider of design, management, storage and delivery of streamlined financial documents for banks and credit unions, has exceeded its production goals within just five months of implementing Dialogue. Applications that used to take MSI eight hours to produce are now completed in just 10 minutes. MSI is three to four times faster in the development process and able to be more creative in document design. The software’s ease of use has expanded staff capabilities by making them more productive, further contributing to MSI’s increased production capabilities. MSI’s satisfaction with Dialogue’s performance has solidified the company’s decision to use the software to produce all of its bank and credit union documents, including statements, tax forms and a variety of financial notices sent to customers on a regular basis. MSI chose Dialogue for several reasons. The robustness of Dialogue’s Dynamic File Import module was a key consideration in the decision, as the company services banks and credit unions throughout the United States. This module dynamically imports variable images and text at run time, making it easy to include personalized graphics, check images and targeted information from different financial institutions in one production run. With data files coming from many sources, MSI also likes the fact that Dialogue supports virtually any type of input file, including print streams. Dialogue uses data from the varying print files to repurpose applications, including reformatting, changing colors and converting to multiple outputs. This is saving the company significant time in the production process. Additionally, contributing to the increased productivity is Dialogue’s unique “create once, deliver anywhere” capability that lets MSI output to its choice of PostScript, PPML or PDF (among others) with one application design. “Dialogue has improved our speed to market immensely,” says Charles Riney, president and principal of Myriad Systems, Inc. “It is now possible for us to decrease development time for most applications from one month to one week and experience a 98 percent improvement in production speed. The fact that Dialogue is usable immediately allows for an efficient use of our staff resources. As a service bureau, if the production process is slow, you need more operators to keep up. With Dialogue, you don’t have that problem. We are eliminating any backlog and continuing to take on more work with the same amount of staff. More important, we are fulfilling our goal to create communications that connect our clients to their customers in a productive, cost-effective and efficient manner.” Going forward, MSI plans to use Dialogue’s campaign management capabilities to expand its personalization capabilities. Plans are in place to offer customers the opportunity to use valuable white space on the statements and other financial documents to create targeted marketing and informational messages that can include text, charts and other images and be incorporated into the document at run time. “We are very excited that Dialogue is providing such excellent results for Myriad Systems,” said Davis Marksbury, president and CEO of Exstream Software. “Exceeding our customers’ expectations is always Exstream’s goal, so it is extremely gratifying to witness such a sound return on investment on behalf of Myriad Systems.”