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Esko-Graphics to demonstrate commercial and packaging CtP workflow solutions at Graph Expo

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Kennesaw, GA – September 28, 2003. Many commercial printers have expressed serious interest in how they may be able to diversify to package printing. At Graph Expo, from September 28 - October 1 in Chicago, printers can evaluate complete commercial and packaging CtP workflow solutions, from input to imaging, at Esko-Graphics’ booth 4045. In addition, Esko-Graphics will be highlighting the first US demonstrations of the PlateDriver HS platesetter, FlowDrive 5.0, and updated versions of workflow solutions, FastLane for Packaging and FastLane for Commercial Printing. Solutions for commercial printing Esko-Graphics will demonstrate complete commercial printing solutions for small to large printers, focusing on their two workflow solutions, FastLane and FlowDrive, as well as their PlateDriver violet platesetters. PlateDriver HS is a high speed, 40mW platesetter capable of imaging violet polymer plates in addition to violet silver plates. Up to 46 4-up plates can be exposed per hour on the PlateDriver 4HS, while up to 42 plates 8-up plates can be exposed on the PlateDriver 8HS (at 1200 dpi.). Plates can be exposed in metric and imperial resolutions from 1200 to 3200 dpi. Esko-Graphics offers a 3-year warranty on the FreeBeam lasers for its PlateDriver CtP systems, demonstrating its dedication and commitment as a leading innovator in the violet CtP arena. FlowDrive 5.0, Esko-Graphics’ updated workflow for small to medium sized printers, recently rated perfect technical scores in the 2003 Seybold PDF Shootout. FlowDrive supports PDF 1.4 including transparency. TrapPro, the new trapping engine, provides more controls for how the trap is built. New ColorPro color management adjusts proofs for dot gain and supports screen rulings and dot shapes. With user queries, Smart Numbering helps to automatically impose each page correctly in a signature. FastLane for Commercial Printing, Esko-Graphics’ comprehensive Computer-to-Plate (CtP) and Computer-to-Film (CtF) workflow system, is a sophisticated, high performance integrated workflow solution for book, catalog, magazine, and commercial printers. A feature-rich workflow package, it contains a full complement of utilities such as preflighting, award-winning trapping, and features for complex signatures and imposition schemes. A number of new FastLane components will be highlighted. FastLane’s FastVariants, winner of a GATF 2003 InterTech Award, avoids costly mistakes in the production of double-burn jobs, for which one of the plates, typically the black plate, is changed for another with a different version during the print run. FlexRIP 5.2, the central RIP for FastLane, now has the most recent Adobe kernel on board, so its PostScript input channel is fully compatible with PDF 1.4. In addition, it features enhanced communication with BackStage to further reduce operator error. Newly available with FlexRip 5.2 is the ScreenFilter, a tool to optimize DTP workflows. FlexRip 5.2 will execute screening swap tables defined in the ScreenFilter to capture object-defined screening from applications such as MacroMedia FreeHand, and swap them on the fly for Esko-Graphics dot shapes, thus dramatically improving output quality. Also, BackStage integrated automatic dot proofing is now available. FlexRip 5.2 is JDF-enabled: it can output a JDF file with ink-key settings for a variety of offset presses. FlexRip 5.2 will be released during Q3, 2003. FastImpose can interpret JDF files written by other imposition programs, and edit data to add items such as registration marks. FastImpose is also capable of generating JDF files of the impositions it creates, for use by JDF-enabled third-party RIPs. Solutions for packaging Esko-Graphics will demonstrate the popular FastLane for Packaging and its market-leading Dupont Cyrel Digital Imager (CDI). Esko-Graphics will demonstrate the CDI Spark XT, ideal for small and medium volume label and folding carton flexo plate makers and converters. CDI Spark XT is an external drum imager with a solid granite machine base. It features a long-life, low-maintenance fiber laser (1070 nm wavelength, 5000 hrs projected lifetime) and the same 4-beam optical system that is used with the CDI PowerBeam models. CDI Spark XT is delivered with a built-in plate loading/unloading table and with EasyClamp to easily apply and securely hold plates on the drum. CDI Spark XT images DuPont Cyrel and other brands of digital photopolymer plates in sizes up to 48” x 35” – the most popular flexo plate format. Esko-Graphics will demonstrate its complete FastLane for Packaging workflow, including DeskPack, a series of plug-in tools that leverage Adobe Illustrator to full-featured clients of FastLane for Packaging. DeskPack provides packaging designers with a number of drawing, editing and ink control tools permitting faster and more precise product design; capabilities for preflighting; and professional trapping. Also new for Graph Expo are upgraded versions of Plato (2.0), an automated plate layout/imposition solution for packaging, and PackEdge (3.0), a complete set of design and image editing, trapping, and registration and color mark tools, shown for the first time in the States. Both boast PDF 1.4 input, maintaining transparency, and provide native image support with direct links to PhotoShop (PSD), TIFF and EPS image files without file conversion. In addition, they provide PANTONE 2000 extended library support and extended CAD integration with direct support for ArtiosCAD native, DXF and CFF2 files. Last but not least, they integrate an updated OutRight2output module that, beyond driving most imagesetters, platesetters and proofers, generates high quality PS, PDF, PDF for Illustrator, EPS, and DCS files. Kaleidoscope ICC, an upgrade of the Kaleidoscope advanced color management system, offers revolutionary spectral profiling of special colors using Ink Profiling patented technology. Kaleidoscope is the first and only device independent color management system that combines colorimetric and spectral profiling. It boasts new characterization charts, with exceptional measuring and color management in one product. Kaleidoscope ICC will be released during Q4, 2003. “In one booth, prepress executives and supervisors can learn about the benefits of two dedicated workflow solutions, review how these meet their requirements, and understand how in many cases they may be put to work together. Nowhere else can they find such a combined expertise,” remarks Simon James, Managing Director of Esko-Graphics North America. “Esko-Graphics is in the rare position to help printers meld a workflow that takes advantage of commercial offset tools, and to implement them in tandem with packaging workflow solutions.”