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Escher-Grad Launches Semi-Automated Cobalt-4, 8 Violet CTP Systems

Press release from the issuing company

MONTREAL, QC -- September 26th, 2003 --Escher-Grad Technologies Inc. today announced the launch of semi-automation on the Cobalt-4 and Cobalt-8 Violet CTP Systems. Both models will be showcased live at Graph Expo 2003 in Chicago from September 28th to October 1st. Semi-automation, standard on the Cobalt-24 and Cobalt-32 models, is now an option available on the smaller 4 and 8-up models, allowing for true “place-and-walk-away” operations. Once plates are registered using Escher-Grad’s three-point electronic registration technology, they are imaged and unloaded automatically into an online processor, resulting in less manual plate handling and increased productivity. “Escher-Grad is no stranger to automation, having developed fully automated film and plate systems, both for our own product portfolio and on an OEM basis,“ said Najeeb Khalid, Chairman and CEO. “The issue of manual versus automated was looked at very seriously when we first released the Cobalt series and our decision to go with a manual approach for the smaller Cobalts was based on the fact that for the vast majority of mid to small size printers the costs of acquiring and maintaining CTP systems were too high and had minimal, if no, impact on human resources. We responded with the fastest and most reliable unit delivering the highest imaging quality at the lowest acquisition, installation and operating costs. Simply put, we are now able to make that same claim for the semi-automated versions of our popular Cobalt-4 and Cobalt-8 models, offering reduced manual plate handling to those printers whose operations now require it.” The semi-automated Cobalt-4 will be unveiled on the xpedx booth (# 4640), where visitors will see it inline with the Glunz & Jenson Raptor 68 silver plate processor.  The semi-automated Cobalt-8 can be seen be running live demonstrations with DiamondPlate LV-2 photopolymer plate on the Lastra America booth (#5021). Finally, the industry workhorse Cobalt-4 will be on display on the IBF booth (# 5212) where they will be launching their new violet photopolymer plate. The Cobalt series of violet CTP systems are the culmination of over 16 years of research, design and manufacturing excellence. Designed to imageboth silver-based and photopolymer plates,Cobalt delivers the highest quality at the highest speed, without compromise. All Cobalt CTP systems will connect to any existing prepress workflow, preserving investment in software and manpower. With no special power requirements, no darkrooms to build, no costly air-conditioning systems to install and no power-hungry ovens to run, Cobalt is without doubt, the lowest cost CTP system to buy and the lowest cost CTP system to own. Escher-Grad backs their reliability claims with ComfortZone.