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Sun Chemical to launch various new inks in Latin America market at ExpoPrint 2010

Press release from the issuing company

São Paulo, Brazil – During ExpoPrint Latin America 2010 at booth #F47, Sun Chemical will introduce innovative products designed to improve productivity and bring value to its Central and South American customers in the commercial, folding carton, and publication markets.

"Our customers in Latin America are operating in highly competitive markets and are increasingly looking to Sun Chemical to help them grow their businesses and succeed," said Gregory Lawson, President, Sun Chemical Latin America. "At ExpoPrint, we are introducing many solutions that will help customers turn jobs around quicker while providing the highest level of quality output. We look forward to showing our customers in Latin America how we can provide them with the right products and services to help meet their individual productivity and sustainability goals."

Sheetfed Inks Meet the Quality, Color and Cost Savings Needs of Commercial Printers
Due to a significant investment in both research and new manufacturing processes, Sun Chemical will introduce commercial printers in Central and South America to four innovative quality sheetfed options to choose from-SunLit Diamond, SunLit Exact PSO, SunLit EOS High Speed, and SunPak Irocart. Used extensively in Europe and/or North America with success, each of these sheetfed inks provide high quality printing and improve pressroom efficiency.

Formulated to meet the stringent demands for high-quality printing, fast setting, and low misting at the highest printing speeds, SunLit Diamond sheetfed offset inks significantly reduce cylinder build up, cleaning frequency, and sheet guide marking, saving customers money by avoiding waste print, increasing uptime, and eliminating the challenges of the perfecting printing process at high speeds.

SunLit Diamond can be used on all offset presses of different sizes and formats, and provides excellent printing results on the different papers and boards used in commercial printing, giving customers the option of using one ink series for all of its presses.

During ExpoPrint 2010, SunLit Diamond inks will be used on the Ryobi presses at booth #F41.

Designed for use on all types of sheetfed presses and perfecting machines, SunLit Exact PSO sheetfed offset inks offer top quality 4-color process printing and are ideally suited for printing according to ISO 12647:2 and GraCol 7 print standards, the highest color standards in the industry. Suitable for publication, commercial, and package printing, SunLit Exact PSO offers strong lithographic stability at all press speeds, excellent dot reproduction, good stack capability. The vegetable oil-based inks also provide an eco-efficient alternative to solvent-based inks and still maintain the high quality color demanded by customers.

Commercial printers in Latin America printing with high speed presses can now use Sun Chemical's SunLit EOS High Speed, a line of sheetfed offset inks formulated to meet the stringent demands for high-quality printing and fast setting at printing speeds greater than 15,000 cph.

Ideally suited for folding cartons, hot foil stamping and label papers, SunPak Irocart process colors and bases can be used on a wide range of packaging substrates and fulfill all demands of brand color recognition at the point-of-sales. An ideal choice for offset package printing, SunPak Irocart base inks and process colors support the ISO 12647:2 color standards. Both process colors and bases are compatible with a wide range of fountain solutions.

Heatset Inks Provide Consistency in Printing Across a Variety of Substrates
Addressing Latin American heatset printers' needs for ink to print consistently across a growing range of improved paper stocks and grades, Sun Chemical will showcase its SunMag line of inks for catalog, magazines and ad inserts, and SunOne range of inks for various heatset applications.

SunMag inks are suited for presses that produce magazine, coupon and advertising insert work and provide superb performance on conventional and stochastic screening technologies. Formulated to address the challenges of light weight coated, medium weight coated, and wood free coated substrates, SunMag inks were developed to give consistent color control and optimum ink-water balance across a wide range of press equipment.

The SunMag range of inks offer a robust solution for magazine printing and deliver the performance that magazine printers demand through: balanced dot gain and gray balance, excellent color reproduction, and efficient rub resistance. The inks print above average gloss on coated papers with no sacrifice in print quality and are overprint receptive and UV-coatable.

Designed to maximize print quality and ink-water balance and meet the demands of a wide range of papers including, uncoated, supercalendared and light-weight coated papers, SunOne inks offer excellent hold-out and gloss, outstanding color control, and process colors that conform to standard shades outlined in ISO-2846-1. The versatile inks are also overprint receptive and UV-coatable.

Coldset Inks Offer High Value Color Options for Newspaper Printers
Coldset printers looking for higher value ink options than currently exist in Central and South America can learn about new options available from US Ink, a division of Sun Chemical.

Spectra Max HV Color coldset web offset inks are the latest addition to US Ink's Spectra line of inks which allow newspapers to use less ink while increasing print quality further with better print contrast, traps, less rub, and reduced page-to-page setoff. Spectra Max HV Color inks offer significant reduction of moisture on the running web, reducing newsprint waste, improving the web strength, less dot gain and resulting in strong color fidelity.

Spectra High-Strength Color inks offer value added characteristics not found with traditional process color inks. Spectra High-Strength Color inks allow for printing with a thinner ink film which lead to better control of water settings on the press, resulting in: a drier web, less rub, reduced page-to-page setoff and dot gain, and increased mileage. Formulated with soy oil, Spectra High-Strength Color inks provide a low-VOC option for coldset printers.

AD-LITHO Knifeable process news colors and related black inks are especially suited for warmer climates and tough press room environments. Formulated with soy oil and for open fount press configurations, AD-LITHO Knifeable offers: lower VOCs, low rub, excellent trap and laydown, reduced water uptake, and balanced, bold colors.