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GMG Colorproof helps NYC-based shootdigital achieve easy to produce proofs

Press release from the issuing company

Hingham, MA USA - GMG, developer and supplier of high-end color management and proofing solutions, has successfully installed GMG ColorProof at Sd:imaging, the retouching, cgi, prepress, and printing division of shootdigital, one of New York's foremost photo studios.

shootdigital has been setting the standard for client service and imaging innovation since its inception in 1994. As one of Manhattan's finest fully integrated digital studios, it has been a premier space for clients to unlock their full creative potential. Spacious comfortable studios feature the latest technology and offer a friendly atmosphere, making shootdigital the preferred location of style-makers in fashion, beauty, publishing, and advertising. Whether shooting in studio or on location, its digital capture service streamlines workflow contributing to smooth shoots and top quality photos. A robust digital asset management infrastructure supports all services to provide fast, safe, and secure access to imagery. Sd:imaging comprises talented retouchers, prepress specialists, and CGI artists who make your creative vision a reality. The company's state of the art color management system is designed to give ?awless results from capture through completion for any ecommerce, broadcast, or print project – including proofing and large format printing. shootdigital enables its clients to produce the highest quality imagery quickly and efficiently to simplify the overall production process, resulting in less stress and lower costs.

Sd:imaging outputs proofs of retouched images for clients, and provides contract proofs for magazine ad insertions. Until recently, Sd:imaging had only been using a proprietary digital halftone color proofing system. Since they often deliver 20-30 magazine ad insertions – all with accompanying proofs – in US and UK magazines, accumulated costs were increasing and slicing into profit margins. While considering the dynamic changes affecting the global economy, shootdigital sought a less expensive option for providing certified proofs to its clients.
"I have been at many conferences where color specialists who have years of experience sound off. Quite a few have suggested using GMG ColorProof. We also were getting requests for GMG ColorProof from our own clients," explains Vanita Cyril, Sd:imaging Color Manager. "I had a chance to examine GMG ColorProof samples at an IDEAlliance Conference and compare the proofs of multiple inkjet proofing systems. The GMG proofs were more neutral in the grays and sharper. They also had more shadow and highlight detail than other inkjet proofs on display."

Taking the experts' advice, Sd:imaging decided to invest in GMG ColorProof – along with GMG paper – because of its user-friendly interface, consistent color, and client demand. It also was more cost effective, particularly for their magazine proofs. "Terry Wyse, our integrator, installed the system driving our wide-format printer. He has worked with us for several years and is an expert color consultant. He was the first person to tell us about GMG ColorProof a few years ago, but we were hesitant to supply magazines with inkjet proofs. Today, virtually all US publications are accepting them and we have the flexibility to proof for UK publications on the GMG system as well," remarks Vanita.

The halftone proofing system is still used for custom projects. However, to maintain and ensure consistent color and density for those proofs, Vanita is required to reprofile that system frequently.  Contrarily, GMG ColorProof is consistent in meeting SWOP, FOGRA, and GRACoL standards and as verification GMG ProofControl automatically reads a color bar certifying that each proof is within tolerance, although GMG ColorProof has yet to fail. "We didn't expect the color consistency to be so extraordinary. I calibrate the GMG ColorProof system every Monday morning and it's good to go for the entire week," Vanita observes. "GMG ProofControl reads the color bar and prints a spec label confirming the system's accuracy. With GMG ColorProof I have not needed to make any color adjustments at all – a first."

GMG ColorProof is also less time consuming. "It will take 25 minutes for a proof on our halftone proofer, afterwards we have to heat transfer them to the paper stock, and then we must manually verify the density readings. With GMG ColorProof, it's 5 minutes to print, 5 minutes to dry, two minutes to read the IDEAlliance bar, and a minute to use GMG ProofControl to assure it's calibrated correctly," says Vanita.

There are other uses for GMG ColorProof. "We also use GMG ColorProof to print large RGB files on the wide-format printer. It's great for large prints because I have more control over color and the RIP doesn't choke on huge files."
"GMG ColorProof is user friendly, cost effective, and color consistent. In fact, we expect a substantial ROI from GMG ColorProof within the year," concludes Vanita. "What more could you ask from a proofing system?"