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Presstek Platemaker Installed at Imprenta Cartagena

Press release from the issuing company

Hudson, NH -- Presstek, Inc., a leading manufacturer and marketer of digital offset printing solutions, today announced that Imprenta Cartagena, located in Caguas, Puerto Rico and in business for nearly half a century, has added a Presstek Dimension425 Excel chemistry-free platemaker to support its two 28-inch conventional offset presses. By adding the Dimension Excel, Imprenta Cartagena has migrated to a chemistry-free operation and is building a growing business in supporting the trade with high quality, environmentally-friendly plates. In addition, they are producing short run four-color printing on its Presstek 34DI digital offset press.
“I chose the Presstek Dimension425 Excel platesetter because it gives me the ability to operate under full daylight conditions and it is environmentally friendly,” said Bobby Cartagena, President.  “In addition, I knew I could count on Presstek for great support and for equipment reliability. Those were the key decision points.”
Imprenta Cartagena replaced a chemistry-based CTP system with the Dimension Excel, which uses Presstek’s chemistry-free Anthem Pro plates.  “I can make plates more economically with the Presstek Dimension than chemistry-based platesetting, and I can see a good revenue stream evolving in addition to the benefits to my own production process,” adds Cartagena.  “Another Presstek solution, the 34DI digital offset press, has also helped my business by opening doors to the trade since it is designed to cost-effectively produce very high quality four-color work in very short cycle times.  As the market demand for this type of work grows, other printers in Puerto Rico have become increasingly interested in outsourcing this work, which can be difficult for them to produce with a conventional press.”
“Cartagena Imprenta has done a good job of building a production portfolio that broadens the range of work that can be profitably produced,” said Mark Levin, Presstek’s President of the Americas Region. “Using the Presstek 34DI press to print work ranging from 500 to 20,000 pieces takes the pressure off of his 28-inch presses.  And now that he is making plates for those presses with the Presstek Dimension Excel platesetter, he has been able to streamline that workflow as well. By blending the two technologies, he has all of the bases covered.”
Presstek Dimension425 Excel and Anthem Pro plates combine to deliver a chemistry-free platemaking solution, and support run lengths up to 100,000.  Anthem Pro plates are designed to print cleaner, sharper images, with less dot gain and greater consistency and a stronger resistance to UV inks and solvents than conventional offset plates. The plates are 100% daylight safe and do not require any gumming, baking or chemical processing. Only a simple water wash is required prior to mounting on press.
Presstek 34DI digital offset press offers both conventional offset and digital printers the most profitable solution for meeting the demand for quick turnaround, high quality color printing in runs from 500 to 20,000. Capable of printing on a broad range of substrates from .0024” to .02” thick, the 34DI supports up to 300 lpi and FM screening without incurring additional time or expense. These highly automated DI presses combine the efficiency of an all-digital workflow with the versatility and high quality of offset printing. The Presstek 34DI 34cm press has a maximum sheet size of 13.39” x 18.11”.