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Screen's JDF-Enabled Process Automation Helps Print Providers Improve Communication, Productivity and Quality

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ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — Print providers will have an opportunity to explore breakthroughs in JDF-enabled technology at Graphics of the Americas. In booth #864, Screen (USA) will demonstrate the most up-to-date workflow solutions within the Trueflownet environment. Trueflownet is a JDF-based concept for managing and automating print-related processes, from the customer's desktop to the final printed product. The Trueflownet family of workflow solutions encompasses software applications, computer-to-plate (CTP) devices and digital printing presses. Each Screen software module is compatible with a wide range of JDF-enabled tools, including management information systems (MIS), printing presses and postpress devices. The three suites of software within the Trueflownet environment — Rite Suite, Color Suite and Trueflow Suite — improve communication with print buyers, increase automation throughout the production process and enhance overall print quality. Trueflow Suite Trueflow Suite's sophisticated workflow tools cover all aspects of prepress production. The Trueflow 3 PDF- and JDF-based workflow management system drives CTP production and digital printing presses via an automated and streamlined process. Trueflow 3 provides file checking, OPI, integrated automated trapping, intelligent RGB to CMYK and spot color-mapping conversion, plate imposition specifically for CTP workflows and other common prepress functions. Trueflow 3's JDF compatibility with version 4 strengthens cooperation between MIS and print production. Prepress performance-enhancement modules provide printers with additional automation benefits. With the Trueflow Suite's ArchiveManager module, an archiving solution for flexible storage, search and retrieval of completed Trueflow 3 jobs, files can be stored off-line on a DVD jukebox, tape changer or disk array. Jobs can be restored, as needed, without interfering with job performance. Archiving can be manually implemented, or the automated scheduling function can be assigned for off-peak hour back-up. The Ritecontrol production management solution enables administration and load-balancing in a multiple Trueflow 3 and/or output device environment. Ritecontrol supports unified communication with all the processes involved in getting a printed product to market, including design, prepress, press, finishing and delivery. With the Riteapprove module for the Trueflow prepress workflow, online job approval functions for collaborative working, last-minute correcting, remote proofing and final electronic approval of the production file occur before imaging onto the plate. Using this approach streamlines the approval process and saves valuable time when dealing with tight deadlines. Rite Suite Rite Suite integrates the creative stage into the print production system for improved customer relationship management. The Riteportal SE Internet portal provides print customers with reliable PDF creation, preflight check, online job submission capabilities with streamlined ordering and job order approval processes. With a single click, print customers can create PDF files from any application that can print, accessing the website 24/7 to check on job status. Clients can also easily order reprints of documents from Riteportal SE's online catalog. With the optional dynamic document module, Riteportal SE customers can access job templates and create documents online in real-time. Ritetransfer complements Riteportal SE as an intelligent job submission portal, enabling customers to submit application jobs directly from their desktop. Ritetransfer solves typical submission problems encountered with email, FTP or CD file transmissions. Color Suite Screen has developed a range of innovative tools within the Color Suite, making it easier for the printer to achieve reliable results throughout the production process. Color Suite ensures the highest level of quality in printed jobs. The Colorgenius DC image processing software package converts RGB images (imported from any digital camera or selected from commercial image libraries) to CMYK or grayscale images. Colorgenius AC, an Adobe Acrobat plug-in software, brings out the best in photographs in the creative and prepress environment to control the final print quality of images. Spekta hybrid screening achieves the fine pattern reproduction of FM screening, combined with the consistent results of AM screening but without pressroom micromanagement. It eliminates moiré and ensures the integrity of extremely fine patterns to bring out true-to-life color. Spekta 2, Screen's newest hybrid screening solution, delivers a level of print quality and image detail comparable to high-frequency line screens of 350 lpi or higher without changing from conventional prepress and pressroom conditions for normal 175 lpi printing. Screens are output at 2,400 dpi with no loss of productivity. With Spekta 2 HR, printers achieve the highest level of detail on plates imaged by PlateRite platesetters. Implemented with the current Spekta 2 offering, Spekta 2 HR delivers comparable detail to high-frequency line screens of 650 lpi or higher. LabProof SE is Screen's digital color proof solution. Screen has partnered with proofing specialists CGS to integrate Oris Color Tuner technology, the world's premier professional contract proofing system for inkjet devices from Canon, Epson and other manufacturers. LabProof SE works with ICC profiles to produce fully color-managed results that can be modified for a wide range of inkjet proofers. To learn more about the software suites within the Trueflownet environment, visit Screen booth #864 at Graphics of the Americas.