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PIA/GATFPress Handbook Guides Readers to Optimal Color Reproduction

Press release from the issuing company

Pittsburgh, PA, November 12, 2008 -- PIA/GATFPress is pleased to announce the release of a brand new, informative resource on the topic of color management: Color Management Handbook: A Practical Guide, by Dr. Richard M. Adams II, Dr. Abhay Sharma, and Joseph J. Suffoletto.

The field of color management has been evolving rapidly along with recent technological advancements, allowing printers to efficiently achieve far more accurate color reproduction. Exactly matching the color of the original sample is nearly impossible, but new methods make it easier to get an "optimal color reproduction."

Color Management Handbook: A Practical Guide grants you valuable insight into the subject through a comprehensive range of topics:

- Color appreciation
- Color measurement
- Color management for input devices
- Color management for monitors
- Color management for printers and presses
- Profiling applications
- Color utilities
- Color management for packaging
- Color-managed workflows
- Non-ICC applications
- Visual color evaluation

"Color management is like a genie in a bottle. To get color to match, you simply rub the bottle, and out comes the genie with three wishes -- make the screen match the original, the print match the screen, and the proof match the press. The problem is that someone has to get the genie into the bottle. This is where vendors have packaged powerful profiling and workflow applications that are getting simpler to use and are gaining acceptance," explains Dr. Abhay Sharma, co-author of Color Management Handbook.

The days of skilled operators matching printed color through many time-consuming adjustments are over. As many companies begin to adopt the latest methods in this field, it becomes increasingly important to keep up with the technological state of color management. Luckily, the authors of Color Management Handbook have organized all of the information you need in one resource to guide you to quicker and easier color reproduction.