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InfoTrends Looks into the History of Xeikon’s Product Innovations

Press release from the issuing company

Itasca, IL, November 17, 2008 - Xeikon, a division of Punch Graphix, legendary for pioneering the first digital color presses, today released an InfoTrends white paper which captures the product innovations of the company since its inception.  Jim Hamilton, Group Director, On Demand Printing & Publishing, InfoTrends, chronicles Xeikon's history in this white paper titled, "New Technology Announcements Extend Xeikon's Market Reach".

The white paper focuses on Xeikon's technology announcements in 2008, specifically highlighting the enhancements of higher speed and productivity, higher imaging addressability and eco-friendliness.  The higher addressability, along with new toner technology for the Xeikon 8000, brings the latest technology platform to new levels of quality. Xeikon's 2008 technology achievements are a direct result of the company's strong history of platform developments, new toner formulations, and a dedication to productivity and ecological friendliness. Hamilton's analysis also provides an overview of the new products and places them in perspective with existing and past Xeikon products.

In addition to documenting Xeikon's corporate enhancements, this white paper also includes a profile of Odyssey Digital Printing, a Xeikon customer based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Odyssey expanded its relationship with Xeikon and the company's production set-up now includes four Xeikon products; the latest being the addition of a Xeikon 3300 digital color label press which was launched earlier this year at drupa.  Xeikon's technology has been central to Odyssey Digital Printing's past successes, and will continue to play a role in the future with the implementation of the 3300.

"We're thrilled to be working with Jim Hamilton and InfoTrends to capture the innovations Xeikon has accomplished since our inception", said Michael V. Ring, VP of Sales & Chief Marketing Officer of Xeikon's North American operations.  "We're not only working to improve Xeikon's digital color presses, but we're also maintaining our commitment to improving toner technology and digital front end technology, while keeping a strong focus on our green initiatives. We think this paper accurately captures Xeikon's three main value propositions: productivity, image quality, and environmental sustainability".

"Xeikon's 2008 technology announcements build on a strong history of product innovation. Since its inception the company has shown its dedication to ongoing development through its next generation digital color presses, powerful front-ends, and advanced toner formulations. As a result, Xeikon customers have enjoyed improvements in their print productivity, quality levels, the range of possible print applications, and operating cost," said Jim Hamilton, Group Director, On Demand Printing & Publishing, InfoTrends.  "Print service providers of all types would do well to consider Xeikon's long history in the market and its commitment to productivity, image quality, and environmental sustainability."

Those that are interested in learning more about Xeikon, one of the pioneers in digital color printing technology, can review this white paper on the following link: