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HyperDesign Suite now available from GLUON

Press release from the issuing company

Maplewood NJ - May 22, 2008 - GLUON Inc., a leading provider of cross-platform, enterprise-class applications for workflow management, production tracking, and productivity enhancement for the graphic arts and publishing industries, today released the HyperDesign Suite, an online solution that enables advanced desktop publishing functionality through standard Web browsers.

Print and marketing service providers can offer a wide range of document composition and editing functions to their client/customer base in a web-to-print user interface. Functionality can be offered or restricted according to the user type or log-in privileges; for example, to allow type size adjustment but not font selection.

Graphic designers - whether independent or within an agency - can work collaboratively on documents online, sharing creation, editing, and modification activities. Tele-commuting designers can create or modify documents remotely with the same capabilities available in the office.

Benefits of the HyperDesign Suite include:

- The sleek, responsive interface is more "application-like" and provides an online experience that is similar to that of a desktop application.

- A consistent interface across all platforms and browsers ensures that every user has the same experience, simplifying user support and training.

- Sophisticated controls permit more interactivity for "power users" and directed functionality for the novice or occasional user.

- The expandable infrastructure lays the groundwork for future developments, removing limits to additional online functionality and protecting the buyer's technology investment.

The HyperDesign Suite is a collection of Web-based tools that enable anyone with a browser to carry out advanced desktop publishing activities, including:

- HyperTemplate Online: allows the user to upload a raw QuarkXPress document and turn it into a template, graphically assign names and rules to boxes, tag the document for variable data, and allow certain editing capabilities.

- DirectEdit Online: graphically modifies a data-driven document as though interacting directly with the native document. When edits are made, a fresh preview is generated in real time, complete with rollovers to enable the intuitive click-and-edit functionality.

- LiveEdit Online: directly interacts via a Web browser with a "live" QuarkXPress document and allows edits to the document to be saved. Advanced text styling, full box geometry and design options, and the ability to add boxes and pages make it possible to collaborate on Hyperdocuments from anywhere in the world. To facilitate group workflow, annotations can be added to aid in the communication process.

- HyperPageTurner: a "reader" tool to view, search, and hyperlink a remote QuarkXPress document.

- HyperDesign Mobile: allows designers to create and manage layout ideas and actually create precise mechanicals from a mobile device for use in production "back at the office."

- HyperImage Online: manipulates images remotely in a layout and provides the following functionality - scale, crop, rotate, flip, skew, and fit, as well as other special effects (requires additional XTension purchase).

- HyperStyle Online: extends fine-tuning of type beyond normal browser capabilities, providing kerning, baseline shift, horizontal scale, skew, and more (requires additional XTension purchase).

Developed using Adobe Flex, all HyperDesign tools are fully configurable Flash applications (except for Mobile), allowing the availability of sophisticated functionality - online and on demand - with a consistent look and feel in any browser.

The HyperDesign Suite is offered as an add-on module to the HyperPublishing and HyperCommerce web-to-print products offered by GLUON.