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X-Rite Announces vipPAQ 2.0 Inline Color Management Solution for Flexography and Gravure Printing

Press release from the issuing company

Wednesday September 12 -- GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.--X-Rite, Incorporated, the leading provider of color management and measurement solutions, today announced vipPAQ version 2.0, the upgraded inline multi-channel densitometric color measuring system that optimizes production control and quality assurance in flexography and gravure printing.
vipPAQ version 2.0 is a modular inline solution that consists of up to four 9-channel densitometers with handheld-compatible optics, a controller, and system software. It is the only solution that can be installed on press in a fully closed-loop implementation, saving users considerable time during the packaging production process and producing a higher quality product at lower cost.
"The upgrades to the vipPAQ system make one of the industry's most powerful inline color measurement solutions even more flexible and user-friendly," said Christian Benz, Senior Product Manager for Pressroom Instruments, X-Rite. "vipPAQ version 2.0 provides true closed-loop process control - an essential element to spot color management and a key requirement of packaging production in both flexo and gravure printing. This upgrade will add significant value for new users and for those who currently rely on the vipPAQ system for accurate and efficient results."
For flexo printing, vipPAQ enables and accurate color management by measuring optical density inline during the press run, allowing consistent reproduction of targeted printing conditions. Accurate spot and process color control is an essential part of packaging production workflow. vipPAQ 2.0 is the only such complete solution available on the market.
The benefits of vipPAQ 2.0 compared to vipPAQ 1.4.6 include:
- "vipPAQ Import" Data Tool; speeds importing of SpectroEye, 530 and 939 measurement data for reference value measurements
- Ability to view and export data after print runs for QA purposes
- Multi-trigger control element; splits the control strip when working with limited space
- Dot gain and dot area displays, including the option to monitor density instead of dot area of halftone patches
- Start/stop measurement; turn the reading head on and off without trigger marks
- Alarm capability; option to connect alarm system (flashing light or sound) to host computer to increase visibility of out-of-tolerance warnings
- New USB driver for simpler installation
- French- and Spanish-language versions
vipPAQ 2.0 reduces the setup time for print runs and enables users to identify potentially costly errors early in the workflow through real-time control of the actual print condition at the control console. It also eliminates the need to slow the run for quality inspections. vipPAQ 2.0 provides total control during the production process, allowing for consistent color reproduction and easy location and removal of print run errors. For accurate future reprints, vipPAQ 2.0 records the exact print conditions and archives the job data for optimum quality control.
Contact your local X-Rite office for availability and pricing.