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New Océ PRISMAprepare Document Preparation Software Brings Cost Reductions and Time Savings to Preprint Workflow

Press release from the issuing company

September 10, 2007 - CHICAGO - Océ, a global leader in digital document management and delivery,
introduces Océ PRISMAprepare software for  robust clean-up, extensive automated layout options, soft proofing and basic preflighting. Capabilities include optimized PDF-based workflow, simplified book manufacturing, easy corrections and clean up, media flexibility and color printing features that reduce programming costs.
"PRISMAprepare unleashes the full power of Océ cut-sheet production printers and will let both in-house printroom and commercial users offer new applications and services, while saving time and reducing errors" says Eric de Goeijen, Vice President, Product Marketing, Océ North America, Inc. Corporate Printing Division.
"With PRISMAprepare, Graphic Arts users gain a comprehensive tool that can streamline and automate some of their most time-consuming manual tasks," noted Guy Broadhurst, Senior Vice President, Product Marketing, Océ North America, Inc., Commercial Printing Division. "As a result, they can complete jobs in less time and at lower cost, while maintaining high quality standards."
Océ PRISMAprepare software includes color splitting and merging to reduce printing costs. Color and black and white data and output are automatically separated and merged without costly device programming. Combined color and black and white jobs can be produced far less expensively than by traditional methods that require programming for each application. The new software also offers advanced features for merging jobs from multiple digital and analog sources, making it easier for users to build complex documents.
The PDF standard is a foundation of many Graphic Arts applications, and Océ PRISMAprepare offers three PDF workflow modes: "simple and easy" for frequent tasks, "extended" mode with access to integrated Adobe Acrobat Professional and selected plug-ins, and "expert touch" mode for specialized jobs using any third-party applications that support PDF. Users can choose the level best suited to each job's requirements. Océ PRISMAprepare adds further value by keeping PDF files printer-independent. Customers can work with this market-standard format without being locked into proprietary workflows and workarounds, and they can continue using their existing workflow without any changes. Both Océ and non-Océ printers are supported for PDF output, securing customers' investments and simplifying output management.
Océ PRISMAprepare software allows easy one-click book creation, with productivity-enhancing capabilities for Graphic Arts applications like training manuals, product guides and technical materials. It creates spine captions easily and flexibly and can generate duplex-printed tabs with up to three lines of text. Using pre-defined criteria, the software automatically calculates adjustments for creeping and spine captions. These laborsaving features also work with custom sizes and multiple-up impositioning. At each step, the soft proof is updated, so users have the most current version and can eliminate hard proof costs. Graphic Arts operations can maximize productivity and gain more revenue from high-margin book publishing opportunities.
Océ PRISMAprepare software fits data to a unified WYSIWYG layout, superimposing pages virtually for operators to check and correct placement of content or binder holes with accurate results. This makes it easier for users to monitor their work and make more accurate decisions about document layouts without incurring unnecessary proofing and testing time.
In addition, Océ PRISMAprepare software supports a variety of media. Default media settings with definitions of formats, paper thickness and colors simplify the process of selecting the appropriate substrate, with automated adjustment of relevant print settings.
Océ PRISMAprepare software is generally available directly from Océ.