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WAVE Releases MediaBank 3.5

Press release from the issuing company

(November 23, 2008) WAVE Corporation, a leader in asset and content management for the publishing industry, announced the release of MediaBank 3.5, a digital asset management solution. Scheduled for the third week in November 2008, the release marks the introduction of many new powerful features and capabilities to the product. The highly anticipated version has a redesigned interface, giving customers a whole new user experience based on intuitive function and the latest technology trends.

As a digital asset management solution, MediaBank's primary function is to power the collection, administration, and multichannel distribution of digital files. Along with file management, MediaBank also offers functionality such as workflow support, e-commerce, reporting, marketing management, and other administrative functions. Through the ease of efficient file management, MediaBank will generate new revenue by saving time, decreasing administrative costs, preventing file loss, and aiding in new business development.

Indicative of WAVE's award-winning commitment to customer service, the company's engineers have maintained a close relationship with clients ensuring the new features in MediaBank 3.5 target their business needs. As a result, MediaBank 3.5 has made significant advancements to an already robust and powerful product.

MediaBank users can now benefit from the following functionality:

•    Multi-Media Asset Support - Mediabank 3.5 now supports multi-media files such as AVI, WMV, MOV, and MPG, etc. This allows users to stream files and view thumbnail frames and flash previews, all with drag and drop functionality. The expanded capabilities of MediaBank 3.5 allow companies to pursue new business opportunities, further increasing return on investment.

•    Enhanced User Environment - MediaBank 3.5 is focused on improving the product's usability through the creation of more intuitive user interfaces (UIs) and enhanced navigability. MediaBank now delivers customized interfaces according to the user's role or function. Users have faster access to the features they use the most, saving them time and hassle. The redesigned Web Portal has a progressive 2.x look and feel, making MediaBank more instinctive and attractive. All new UIs allow for extensive customization to the product, which is indicative of MediaBank's extensive configuration capabilities.

•    Unlimited Metadata - More than ever, MediaBank 3.5 provides the flexibility and power to capitalize on metadata with unlimited attribute fields. Companies can now address the unique information needs of multiple business teams without cluttering the user environment with extraneous fields. MediaBank's unlimited metadata also helps to configure the system according to a company's workflow and expands integrations with other systems.

•    Projects - MediaBank 3.5 now supports static and dynamic projects. Dynamic projects act as role-based jobs by allowing users to set up queries such as "Assigned to me", "In the proofing stage", or "For customer X". These role-based queries provide real-time, relevant results with respect to the user, group, time, and date. All projects have metadata which can be used for reporting to enable managers to identify workflow outliers that can easily be used to pinpoint workflow bottlenecks or similarly recognize efficiencies in various processes.