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Oxfam Receives Mohawk Windpower Award

Press release from the issuing company

Cohoes, NY (November 23, 2008) – Mohawk Fine Papers Inc. has recognized Oxfam America, Boston, Massachusetts, for its continued sustainability initiatives by presenting the company with the Mohawk Windpower Award.

Working together to end poverty and injustice is Oxfam America's slogan.  The international relief and development organization works to save lives, help people overcome poverty and fight for social justice.  And, when it comes to the environment, they are just as serious.  "All of our publications must convey our brand values, including those of empowering people.  We make an effort to ensure that our publications are created with the most environmentally friendly production practices available to us," says Jeff Deutsch, Art Director/Design Manager, Oxfam America.

Some of the projects that Oxfam America was careful to produce with environmental papers are the Oxfam America annual reports from 2005 to 2007, the Oxfam America corporate folder and brochure, the I am America (Katrina third-year anniversary study), and the Climate Change Campaign brochure.

"Environmental paper is very much a part of the criteria for all of our printed materials.  We insist on using as much recycled content as possible, and have moved to looking for FSC-certified papers as well.  We choose Mohawk Options for most of our high-profile publications because it matches our top three criteria for paper.  First, it's about as environmentally responsible of a paper as one can find - manufactured with windpower and 100% postconsumer waste.  Second, the quality and performance is exceptional and it boasts unusually good ink hold out for an uncoated sheet with such high postconsumer waste content.  Finally, even with the previously mentioned qualities, Mohawk Options doesn't break our budget, and being a nonprofit organization this is always a factor for us," says Deutsch.

One example of the environmental savings that Oxfam America has created by using Mohawk Options is its 2007 annual report. Oxfam America printed 19,400 annual reports using Mohawk Options 100% PC manufactured with windpower.

Savings derived from using postconsumer recycled fiber in lieu of virgin fiber:

89.09 trees not cut down - 8,244 lbs. net greenhouse gases prevented

4,187 lbs. solid waste not generated - 37,842 gallons water/wastewater flow saved

63,104,000 BTUs energy not consumed - 257.25 lbs. waterborne waste not created

Savings derived from choosing a paper from Mohawk's windpower portfolio:

4,284 lbs. air emissions (CO2, SO2 and NOX) not generated

The fossil fuel equivalent for this amount of wind energy:

2 barrels crude oil

This amount of wind energy is equivalent to:

Planting 290 trees or

Not driving 4,640 miles in an average car

In addition to producing its materials with Mohawk's environmental papers, Oxfam takes other sustainable steps in the production process by using vegetable-based inks and FSC certified printers.  The 2007 annual report was printed at Universal-Millennium, recognized by the Massachusetts Water Resource Authority as a zero-discharge site, which recycles all spent materials.  "Not only is sustainability an important issue for Oxfam, it is equally as important to our donors.  It is important that we walk the walk, and we are proud to tell people we do so," says Deutsch.

For more information on Oxfam America, visit www.oxfamamerica.org.