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Elixir Announces Support for Xerox FreeFlow

Press release from the issuing company

VENTURA, CA – March 4, 2008 – Elixir Technologies Corporation, a leading developer of software for creating and managing high-value documents of all types, today announced support for Xerox Specialty Imaging in Vitesse, Elixir's application for VIPP Pro application development.

The Xerox Specialty Imaging (SI) suite. named by R&D Magazine as one of 2007's most important technologically significant new products. provides imaging text effects that can only be printed with a FreeFlow digital front end in combination with FreeFlow software. These special effects helps protect against fraud by making it more difficult to copy or digitally modify the document.

Vitesse VIPP Pro designs support these important SI text features:

• MicroText prints text as small as .01", small enough to print a 100-page book on a single sheet of 8.5" by 11" paper.

• GlossText prints text so that the content is not visible in straight-on view, but becomes visible as gloss under inclined illumination. The GlossText cannot be copied or duplicated.

• Correlation Mark prints text so that the content is only visible when a "key" transparency is superimposed. Again, this ensures the document you have is an original.

• FluorescentMark prints text so that the content is virtually invisible under normal light but becomes visible under UV/black-light. However, this text would not be visible under the UV/black-light if the document were copied or altered.

Vitesse designs can include text using one or more of the fonts to create multiple layers of security for event tickets, identification cards and other documents carrying personal or negotiable data.