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Click2Mail Enhancement to NetPost Mailing Online Unveiled at National Postal Forum

Press release from the issuing company

WASHINGTON – March 26, 2007 PostCentric, a leading provider of online direct mail services and an affiliate partner of the United States Postal Service (USPS), today unveiled its revamped online mail application, Click2Mail. Employing an intuitive new user interface, multiple mail formats, and backend synchronization with USPS databases for address standardization, Click2Mail™ is the next-generation approach to how online mail should be done – and at a discount over more traditional mail services. “We’re very excited about this new offering because it will help organizations large and small to create discounted, multifaceted mail campaigns through a single Web log-in,” said Lee Garvey, President and CEO of PostCentric. “Because of its user-friendly front end and robust backend technologies, we fully expect Click2Mail to accelerate the revolution in online mail services and help more businesses than ever communicate with their customers in new and exciting ways.” A long-time veteran of the postal industry, Garvey added, “Click2Mail marks that spot where traditional mail services meet best-of-breed Web technologies to dramatically expand the power and reach of direct mail across the globe.” Using a graphically rich, template-driven design, Click2Mail enables even novice users to quickly and efficiently launch mail campaigns from their own desktop. Click2Mail is the primary component of the award-winning NetPost Mailing Online (MOL) service offered on USPS.com, meaning thousands of existing MOL clients will now enjoy the myriad benefits of the new system, which include: - An intuitive front end that easily guides even first-time users through the direct mail experience. - Multiple supported mail formats including letters, flyers, brochures, multi-page booklets, postcards and Certified Mail. - Free, professionally designed templates and powerful online document design tools that allow users to create and edit fully personalized mail pieces on the fly. - Postage discounts for every piece mailed to a standardized address, no exceptions. - Synchronization with CASS-certified software to ensure that every piece of mail submitted through the system can be standardized to include a DPV barcode, accelerating delivery and locking in mail discounts on every eligible piece. - A host of support services, Best Practices, and more to ensure that Click2Mail is the only stop an organization will need to make in understanding the online mail experience. - Mailing list management tools that allow users to upload their customer lists from any comma- or tab-delimited format or to create new lists online. - Compliance with the accessibility requirements of Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act, thus making online mail services accessible to people with disabilities. - Expanded access to special nonprofit postage rates for organizations approved by the USPS to mail at nonprofit rates. - No minimum volume requirements, allowing any organization, no matter how small to leverage the profit-enhancing benefits of address quality improvement and postal automation. Click2Mail currently fulfills the online mailing needs of thousands of different organizations, from Fortune 500 companies and state municipalities to small start-ups eager to leverage the system’s 24/7 availability and discounted services. For more information about the new Click2Mail service contact us at 703.521.9029 or visit us at our website, www.click2mail.com.