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Airsys Announces New Company

Press release from the issuing company

Mr. Olivier Heu, President of the Montreal based AIRESYS Inc., is pleased to announce the creation of Intraprint Corp., headquartered in Dallas, Texas. Intraprint Corp. is the new company responsible for distributing INTRAPRINT print management software in the Unites States. This enterprise is managed by the same shareholders as AIRESYS Inc. Intraprint Corp. completes the international expansion plans for INTRAPRINT print management software which is already distributed in Europe by AIRE INFORMATIQUE in Paris, France. Intraprint Corp. commences its activities by providing support for American Intraprint users in 6 states: California, Ohio, Washington, Florida, Michigan and Texas. President Olivier Heu attests that, despite the undisputable creative potential of Canadian software, a singular graphics industry market does not allow software companies such as Airesys to achieve a volume that befits a large development team. Mr. Heu explains that export is not a choice for Airesys, but rather a necessary part of management. The company’s efforts in developing internationally have produced significant results for Airesys today. This has allowed the enterprise to devote greater efforts to the continuous improvement of INTRAPRINT. Canadian customers reap immediate benefits because the same software is installed everywhere - in Canada, in the United States, and in Europe. Moreover, Airesys’ American customers help the company create and develop original and innovative applications. Within a few weeks, Airesys will introduce INTRAPRINT 24/7 to the Canadian market. Airesys is confident this new product will stand out in the industry. AIRESYS Inc. is the Canadian company that works on the research and development of INTRAPRINT and its Canadian sales. Offices are located at 1100 Avenue Crémazie East, Suite 215, Montreal, Quebec H2P 2X2, (877) 499-9595, http://www.airesys.com. AIRE INFORMATIQUE is the French enterprise that handles the marketing and deployment of INTRAPRINT in Europe and Africa. Their headquarters are located at 14-16 Scandicci Street, at Pantin 93500, France. INTRAPRINT Corp. is responsible for the marketing and technical support for Intraprint. Their offices are located at 12655 North Central Expressway, Suite 1018, Dallas, Texas 75243, USA. The INTRAPRINT printing management software package comprises a complete suite of integrated modules, covering everything from estimating to accounting. INTRAPRINT is distributed in four languages in 16 countries, on five continents.