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Jeti Liquid Laminate adds Life, Vibrancy to Signs

Press release from the issuing company

San Antonio, TX (July 2006) - Gandinnovations, the company that revolutionized the grand-format printing -industry with the launch of the Jeti printer line in 2002, is about to shake-up the world of printing yet again with an invisible product. The company recently started manufacturing the Jeti Liquid Laminate, a clear coating of protection made especially for grand-format signs such as POP displays, car wraps and oversized banners. "The No. 1 advantage with the Jeti Liquid Laminate is that it imparts gloss and shine and good scratch protection to the image," said Clem Sison, General Manager of the Gandinnovations Ink Division in Long Island, N.Y. "In addition, we have a version of the clear coat and laminate formulated with UV and fade resistance inhibitors. That means an image that normally would last a couple of years outdoors might last seven-to-10 years, depending on the thickness of the clear coat." Resistance to scratches, chemicals, fade and pollution are among the high levels of protection that the Jeti Liquid Laminate provides. It's also very easy to use, and can be applied with a simple sponge brush, can be sprayed on or applied using a liquid laminator. The clear coat dries to the touch in minutes, and is totally cured after just 24 hours. Gandinnovations created the product to be environmentally friendly. The Jeti Liquid Laminate is a water-based, water soluble non-hazardous air pollutant (non-HAP) product that does not have any volatile organic compounds (VOCs). For all the clear coat offers, it is very cost effective compared to similar products in the industry. A gallon covers anywhere form 600 square-feet to 1,100 square-feet of sign space, depending on the material and thickness of the coat. Sison says the clear coat is proving popular because it adds life and vibrancy to signs. Printers say their customers want the often-pricey grand-format signs to last, so having the option of adding years to the product with the use of the Gandinnovations clear coat is attractive to sign shops. "We even have a version of the clear coat that could be used as a primer for images on glass and ceramic tiles, which is a very difficult application for printers, that scratch resistance, chlorine resistance and face resistance," Sison said. "We are working with an architectural firm that has a customer in Asia who's requested a special design for the bottom of a salt water aquarium. Our liquid laminate is resistant to salt water and ultraviolet light. This new coating can now create vivid and protected images on tiles, done digitally and protected with clear coat as a primer." Another version of the clear coat works well with images printed on leather products such as purses, boots, jackets and hats, Sison said. "It protects the leather and the image doesn't fade or wash out. At the same time, the coating doesn't make the leather rigid; it remains flexible. One advantage is that we have ability to customize our coating depending upon the customer's requirements." Electric signs, which usually are subject to harsh outdoor elements, also benefit greatly from use of the Jeti Liquid Laminate. "That's going to be a big application for this product." Sison says he's been fielding orders from all over the globe for the Jeti Liquid Laminate. Although the product was engineered to work best with grand-format signs created using the Jeti Printer, the clear coat works just as well with signs created on other printers. The first Jeti Printer, a 3.3-meter version, rolled off the Gandinnovations line in 2002. Since then, Gandinnovations has unveiled other versions, including UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printers. The growing line consistently earns the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry. Many Jeti Printers produce at speeds far outmatching anything else on the market, making it possible for high quantity production with multiple image changes, giving printers the ability to turn around normally higher-cost projects at traditional screen printing and conventional printing press prices. The highly specialized Jeti Printers are manufactured at Gandinnovations 120,000 square-foot plant in Toronto, Canada. The worldwide sales and service operation also is based out of Canada with satellite offices in San Antonio, Texas, Mexico, India, United Arab Emirates and Belgium. In an industry where fewer than five companies on the planet produce similar printers, that is a stunning business accomplishment, placing Gandinnovations at the top of a specialized field of printer manufacturers. Gandinnovations has a range of grand-format printers designed to meet the needs of the industry, including true 600 dpi, UV flatbed and roll-to-roll printers, three and five-meter solvent printers, solvent printers using 12 or 18 Spectra print heads and offering many technological advantages, including an automated head wiping system, and high definition back-lit camera.