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Digital Printing Council: Marketing 4 Digital Research Draws Rave Reviews

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SEWICKLEY, PA – May 16, 2006 – PIA/GATF’s Digital Printing Council’s (DPC) groundbreaking Marketing 4 Digital (M4D) research project, which is giving digital and conventional printers the information and insight they need to sell their services to 24 specific vertical market segments; is drawing rave reviews, the organization reports today. The announcement comes just days after the group reported that membership to the DPC has more-than tripled since January. DPC Director Joanne Vinyard credits the Marketing 4 Digital program among the significant contributors to the growing appeal of the DPC. M4D research and corresponding educational seminars are among the key initiatives supporting the Year of Digital Print. The M4D program underway includes the availability of the first set of M4D research focusing on 8 vertical market segments: Advertising Agencies; Health Care (HMOs, Hospitals); Cruise Industry (Hospitality and Tourism); Department Stores (Retail Trade); Gambling and Wagering (Casinos); Automotive Industry (Manufacturers and Dealers); Insurance; and Real Estate (Brokerages). Set 2 of the M4D research will be available in late May; Set 3 in late August. Supporting the M4D research is a series of seminars around the country and hosted by PIA/GATF affiliates - to date over 400 attendees have participated – and additionally 300 participants attended an M4D webinars. Rave Reviews on M4D Leading printers are finding the M4D research invaluable for expanding sales and marketing with relevance in all areas of print. Lawton Printing According to Raymond W. Lawton, chairman of Lawton Printing, “We’re using the M4D research to understand our current and prospective customers on a deeper level. M4D gives us everything we want to know about our target vertical customers, from who they are, what their titles are, and who the decision makers are through to even what their particular lingo is for their industry.” TanaSeybert TanaSeybert’s Cheryl Kahanec, corporate vice president technology and marketing, says, “The key is looking ahead while being in the present; finding the solution that helps customers be successful today. M4D research plays an important role in helping TanaSeybert understand those customer needs.” She says that M4D helps the company “lift its level of sophistication” when selling to a vertical; offering ideas on how to approach specific markets and detailing proven, successful strategies. “It even gives you, in most cases,” she says, “some history about that particular vertical and its stress points; what the key trends are in the particular industry.” As a result, TanaSeybert utilizes M4D materials and uses them as guidelines when formulating sales presentations. Says Kahanec, “One of the things that really struck me is when (M4D) gave us details on what some of the largest firms were, how they operated, what their budgets are broken down to, advertising, direct mail-to-print, etcetera. That’s very significant when you’re thinking about a relationship with a customer.” “At the DPC,” says Vinyard, “we’ve stepped up our service offerings adding significantly enhanced levels of information and products designed to help in every step of digital print adoption, from initial exploration through comprehensive implementation. Our mission is to keep pace with the growth of digital printing adoption and continue to educate and support our members’ by providing them with the resources they need to help them succeed.” M4D – Powerful, Practical, Easily-Implemented Tools for Selling All Digital Printing Council members receive the entire series of 24 reports as a benefit of membership. In addition, the studies are available for purchase through the PIA/GATF bookstore. Packages of 8 reports each will be priced at $199 per set for PIA/GATF members, and $500 per set for non-PIA/GATF members. The entire 24-part series can be purchased for $499 (members)/$1200 (non-members) through the PIA/GATF Bookstore at www.gain.net. For more information on the M4D program including upcoming M4D seminars visit the PIA/GATF DPC web pages at: www.digitalprintingcouncil.com.