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Printing Industries of America Urges Senate to Pass S. 1955, Small Business Health Plan Legislation

Press release from the issuing company

Alexandria, VA, May 10, 2006-- Background: This week, the U.S. Senate is scheduled to hold a series of health policy votes as part of its "Health Week" agenda. S. 1955, the Health Insurance Marketplace Modernization Act, is the centerpiece legislation to be considered during "Health Week." S. 1955 would allow for the creation of Small Business Health Plans (SBHPs) that would permit small printing companies to band together across state lines to purchase health insurance as a bloc through bona fide trade and professional associations. SBHPs' pooling concept would allow for greater economies of scale and administrative efficiencies, ease the cost burden caused by the current 50-state patchwork system of benefit mandates, and put small printing companies on a level playing field with Corporate America and labor unions in the health insurance marketplace. The following statement is from Michael Makin, President and CEO of PIA/GATF: "This week, the U.S. Senate has an opportunity to make a huge stride toward expanding access to more affordable, quality health insurance for small printing companies and their employees by passing S. 1955. Today, our industry spends approximately 3.5-4 billion dollars, an equivalent of 2-3 percent of all printing shipments in this country, to provide employee health benefits. PIA member companies continually report the rising costs of providing employee health benefits to be their top business concern, and reports of double-digit annual insurance premium costs are typical throughout the industry." "Small printing companies have their backs pressed against the wall and need the Senate to act now to allow Small Business Health Plans (SBHPs). SBHPs will provide an additional tool for printing companies struggling to afford quality health care, and will put small businesses on a level playing field with Fortune 500 companies and Big Labor when it comes to purchasing health benefits for their employees." "Now is the time for Senators to show their support for America's small businesses and the printing industry-a vital economic sector that insures 1.07 million lives-by voting yes on S. 1955."