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Fujitsu-managed Sites reaching 500 Million Images Annually Using Emtex-driven Workflow

Press release from the issuing company

London, UK - April 4, 2006 - Emtex Ltd, a Pitney Bowes company, the leading provider of document output management solutions, today announces that Fujitsu Services is achieving impressive results for a UK Central Government Department. Using Emtex workflow software operations centers are expecting to reach targets of 500 million images annually. Emtex VDE and VIP output management software are key components of Fujitsu's print workflow for this Government Department. Fujitsu Services' responsibilities include print and dispatch of centrally produced documents from four UK operations centers of this Government Department. The two main sites currently handle as many as 250 million images per year, all of which pass through Emtex VIP software. Emtex delivers industrial-strength processing, workflow control and other capabilities for output of all kinds, including letters, forms, bills, checks and payable orders. Highly scalable, Emtex VIP software also gives Fujitsu the bandwidth to handle future volumes and support expansion at the various sites. "One measure of success of the Emtex-driven workflow has been its ability to handle the tremendous volume of work, while helping Fujitsu meet service level commitments," noted Jeremy Ball, Technical Delivery Manager, Fujitsu Supply & Business Process Services. "The software must be capable of 24/7 production, and with Emtex, we have had faster processing times and no SLA failures or spooling delays." Fujitsu selected Emtex over other leading output management providers for its new Warrington site, in part because of a history of successful implementations at their existing Cumbernauld and Shipley processing centers. "The strength of the proven partnership between Emtex and Fujitsu has been key to the success of the project," said Tim Moylan, CEO of Emtex. "It has been extremely important for ensuring a clear understanding of need, best utilization of capabilities, and more responsive technical support." The software's flexibility and openness provided additional reasons for standardizing workflow on Emtex products. Emtex VIP integrates with the sites' existing high-speed laser and ink jet printing systems and centralizes print production and resource management across the four locations. With its standards-based platform, Emtex software can readily accommodate any future printing investments. The tremendous versatility of Emtex software lets Fujitsu easily make changes and improvements to this Government Department's workflow. "We are always receiving new requirements and we have never found anything that Emtex has not been capable of handling," noted Jeremy Ball of Fujitsu Services. "Emtex gives us technical 'future proofing' to move with the market beyond what we are doing today." Backed by VIP and VDE, Fujitsu has launched a number of trials and development for the Government Department such as colorization of IPDS applications and ingesting PDF formats. Emtex VDE delivers added value through its any-to-any print stream transformation, making it simple to modify processes and enhance documents without altering established business applications. Fujitsu also preferred Emtex for its print-file-to-email conversion, which lets the Government Department take advantage of alternative delivery channels without having to modify the documents it needs to distribute. In addition, Emtex integration with Pitney Bowes' DFWorks ensures fully automated, closed-loop integrity checking and reprinting, even with the massive volumes of personalized documents produced at the Government sites. Fujitsu can identify and reprint only the specific document, rather than an entire run. This saves time and costs, while maintaining high customer service standards. Emtex supports capabilities such as postal address cleansing, sorting, splitting, merging and generating barcodes, which further contribute to the integrity of closed loop reprinting. As a result of these integrity features, the operations of the Government Department have the full closed loop mailing required for the sensitive nature of the documents produced.