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Global Graphics' Top Color Scientist Is Elected Chairman Of CGATS Color Committee

Press release from the issuing company

Centreville, VA and Cambridge, UK: 15th December, 2005: The Committee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards (CGATS) has elected Global Graphics’ Ken Elsman as the chairman of its Objective Color Matching Committee. The committee has been tasked to find a way to use colorimetry, color science based on measurements, to estimate the probability that hardcopy images reproduced by single or multiple systems, using identical input, will appear the same to the typical human observer. Commenting on his appointment, Mr. Elsman, Global Graphics’ senior color scientist, said, “I feel very honored to have been elected to this position. In essence, the goal is to be able to use color science to predict the subjective differences that may occur when comparing a proof to a press sheet, determining whether a proofing system can proof to a standard such as CGATS TR 001, or any related comparison of two printing systems including hardcopy and monitor- based comparisons. “This area of research is very important to a wide number of industry segments that want to promote printing based on consensus standards, while having an efficient, non-biased evaluation method for certification. With more ANSI Technical Reports defining characterized printing conditions about to be released, the industry has realized that it needs a process or procedure whereby subjective assessment can be replaced by a more predictable objective criteria based on good color science. We have already been approached by FOGRA, the European Graphic Technology Research Association, SNAP (Specifications for Newspaper Advertising Production), GRACoL (General Requirements for Applications in Commercial Offset Lithography) and SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications). The flexographic and gravure industries have also expressed interest, especially in the area of package printing. ” Mary Abbott, NPES Director of Standards Programs, and administrator of CGATS, commented “Mr. Elsman has been actively involved in the CGATS Metrology and Process Control subcommittees for several years. His leadership in this new work, with the support of his company, is an important contribution to the committee's continuing efforts to meet the needs of the industry. " CGATS was formed in 1987 following a year-long assessment of the need for an umbrella standards committee by the Image Technology Standards Board (ITSB) of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and received ANSI accreditation in 1989. The goal of CGATS is to have the entire scope of printing, publishing and converting technologies represented in one national standardization and coordination effort, while respecting the established activities of existing accredited standards committees and industry standards developers. In addition to his new role as chairman of CGATS’ Objective Color Matching Committee, Mr. Elsman is an active member of the International Color Consortium, the Institute of Science &Technology, the Photo Marketing Association, and CGATS SC3 and SC4 committees. Global Graphics is an active supporter of industry standards and has a broad patent portfolio touching many areas of printing technology. The Company has extensive expertise in Page Description Languages and has been working with PostScript since 1986 and with the Portable Document Format (PDF) since it was introduced in 1993. Global Graphics’ technology portfolio includes: Raster Image Processors (RIPs) that convert text and images into printable form; software for document conversion and manipulation; and, components for digital workflows and color management.