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Integrated Automation Delivers New Opportunities from Goss Intl.

Press release from the issuing company

DRUPA, May 29th 2008 – "2008 is emerging as a transformational year for automated print production.

"The transition away from labor-intensive craftsmanship is something our industry has talked about and inched towards incrementally for more than a decade. This year, the pace has switched from evolutionary to revolutionary. Software is catching up with and complementing mechanical innovations. The resulting breakthroughs in automation have created exciting new opportunities for the web offset process to reach down to shorter run lengths, reach into new application ranges, and reach out to publishers, advertisers and print buyers with new levels of value.

"For a glimpse of how print will be produced in the future, look no further than how it is being produced today at Cox Target Media. Automatic Transfer Sunday presses completing four-color job changes every 12 minutes without stopping are impressive, but the symphony of software managing the entire process is the real story. Digital information and materials flow to, from and within the integrated mechanical systems largely without human intervention. Virtually every step is automated and every "loop" is closed.

"This is a specialized operation but not an isolated example. The technologies and concepts are being implemented around the world for a wide range of applications. Our customers are driving this progress to maintain competitiveness and to open new market opportunities.

"Investing in innovative production platforms to gain a competitive edge and advance the value and impact of print is not a new idea. The difference in 2008 is that the potential of software-driven automation is being realized – not just talked about. Mechanical innovation remains indispensable, but the return-on-investment value of Sunday, FPS, M-600 Folia, Autoplate, DigiRail, Automatic Transfer and other technologies will be determined, to an increasing extent, by how they are integrated into automated production systems.

"A shift in workflow and business strategies is now well underway, driven by the new potential of high-tech-hardware combined with advanced software. As always, Goss International is leading the way with an expansive commitment to integrated automation. Goss Web Center workflow options, reliable and productive mechanical platforms, and our ongoing efforts to work with our customers are the keys to developing the world's most advanced, intelligent production systems.

"The vision of fully automated "lights-out" print production is now within reach, and Goss International is focused on helping our customers be the first to get there."