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The Ghent PDF Workgroup Presents at Drupa

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May 29, 2008 -- The Ghent PDF Workgroup (GWG), will continue its educational outreach at drupa 2008, the largest printing event in the world taking place May 29 to June 11 in Dusseldorf, Germany.

The presence of this international cross-section of PDF and print experts, and their work, will be felt throughout drupa in 17 vendor member exhibits. These are the people known for creating, testing, and releasing specifications and best practices that have been proven to make it easier for users to ensure PDF document quality across workflows around the world.

GWG Members    Website    Hall/Stand
Adobe     www.adobe.com     Hall 7 / 7.0 E, ENB-01
Agfa     www.agfa.com     Hall 8a / B63, Hall 7 / 7.0 C
callas    www.callassoftware.com    Hall 7 / 7.0 C and 7.0 I
CGS     www.cgs.de    Hall 8b / A40
Dalim Software    www.dalim.com     Hall 9 / C44, Hall 7 / 7.0 J
DevZeroG/Adstream    www.devzerog.com     Hall 7 / 7.0B
Enfocus    www.enfocus.com     Hall 8b / A23 & Hall 7 / 7.0C
EskoArtwork    www.eskoartwork.com     Hall 8b / A23
Global Graphics    www.globalgraphics.com    Hall 7 / 7.0D
GMG     www.gmgcolor.com     Hall 8b / A11
Heidelberg     www.heidelberg.com    Hall 1 / A01, Hall 2 / A01-02, Hall 7 / 7.0B-C-J
HP    www.hp.com     Hall 8a / B26, Hall 7 / 7.0B
ICS Color    www.icscolor.com    Hall 4 / F47
Kodak    www.kodak.com    Hall 5 / D01, Hall 7 / 7.0J
OneVision    www.onevision.com    Hall 9 / A22
Quark     www.quark.com    Hall 9 / A44
Screen     www.screeneurope.com     Hall 8b / A61

GWG Presents at Compass Sessions, May 31, 9-11 am
GWG experts will also be presenting on several important topics on Saturday, May 31 from 9 am to 11 am as part of the Compass Sessions organized by Print & Media Forum AG, located at the Congress Center Dusseldorf East.  

GWG members are scheduled to speak at the following special Compass sessions: 

9:00 am: Introduction, David Zwang/GWG Chair
9:05 am: Latest PDF/X development, Andy Den Tandt/Enfocus
9:30 am: Implementation of automation using GWG standards and ROI, Menno Mooij/ISI
10:00 am: Color management in the digital workflow, Peter Kleinheider/callas
10:30 am: Testing digital workflow, Stephan Jaeggi/PrePress Consulting

To register for the Compass Sessions, go to: www.compass-sessions.de.

GWG Featured at Drupa Innovation Parc (DIP)  – Hall 7.0 & 7.1

In addition to the attractive showcase of “DIP” innovators, GWG will be featured in an impressive lineup of events being held on the two stages at the Drupa Innovation Parc (DIP) n Hall 7.0 and 7.1. GWG experts are taking part in daily talk show discussions where they will analyze developments, summarize show highlights and speak on industry issues.

For more information visit: http://www.messe-duesseldorf.de/drupa_ca/dip/e/index.html.

Special Theater Presentations: “Why preflight with GWG specifications?” hosted by Enfocus

GWG member Enfocus (an EskoArtwork company) hosts GWG experts in the Enfocus theater (Hall 8b / A23). GWG experts will present on the topic: “Why preflight with GWG specifications,” which is scheduled throughout the two-week long event. GWG will present a total of eight sessions in multiple languages at the theater.

Date            Time        GWG Expert Speaker                    Language
29/05 - Thursday      4 pm         David Zwang, IPA            English
31/05 -     Friday        12 pm         David Zwang, IPA            English
2/06 - Monday          2 pm         David Zwang, IPA            English
3/06 - Tuesday         11 am         Tom Johansen, NHO Grafisk        English
5/06  - Thursday       5 pm         Eddy Hagen, VIGC            English
6/06  - Friday           2 pm         Eddy Hagen, VIGC            Dutch
9/06  - Monday           3 pm         Pascale Ginguené, Screen Angel        French
10/06  - Tuesday       4 pm         Pascale Ginguené, Screen Angel        French

About the GWG
The GWG, formed in June 2002, is an international assembly of industry associations and suppliers from across Europe and the United States.  The GWG's objective is to establish and disseminate process specifications for best practices in graphic arts workflows.

Members are comprised of graphic arts associations including:  AIDO (Spain), BPIF (UK) BVDM (Germany), Cebuco (The Netherlands), CMBO (the Netherlands), DDPFF (Denmark), Digital AdLab UK, ERA (Germany), Febelgra (Belgium), FESPA (UK), FTA (USA), IDP Group (The Netherlands), IPA (USA), Idealliance (USA), Madrid Graphic Arts Cluster (Spain), Medibel+ (Belgium), Medit Consult (Denmark), Nederlandse Uitgeversverbond (The Netherlands), PDFX-ready (Switzerland), PPA (UK), rotasjon.no (Norway), SICOGIF (France), TAGA Italia (Italy), VFG (Austria), VIGC (Belgium), and VSD (Switzerland).
Vendor members are: Adobe, Adstream, Agfa, callas, CGS, Dalim Software, Enfocus, EskoArtwork, Global Graphics, GMG Color, Heidelberg, HP, ICS, Kodak, OneVision, Quark, Screen Europe, & Specle.
Industry members are: Associated Newspapers, Bleuprocess, Four Pees, Hearst Publishing, Sanoma Magazines Belgium, Screen Angel, Square & QuebecorWorld.
For more information about the GWG, including a full list of its members and objectives, visit www.gwg.org.