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Xerox and EFI Announce Next-Generation Fiery Server to Drive Xerox Light Production System

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CHICAGO--Sept. 9, 2005-- Xerox Corporation and EFI today announced the availability of the Fiery EXP4110, the stand-alone server for Xerox's 4110 Digital Copier/Printer -- an award-winning, 110 page-per-minute, black-and-white light-production digital system. Providing advanced print functionality, the EXP4110 -- which sets-up, processes and directs print jobs to printers -- is based on next-generation Fiery System 7 Software. The server features expanded capabilities in performance, workflow control, and variable data printing (VDP) support for Xerox 4110 customers in corporate reprographic departments, quick print environments and commercial printing operations. "The Xerox 4110 system has earned a reputation with customers for distinctive image quality and productivity features," said Mike Kucharski, vice president, Production Solutions Business Team, Xerox Production Systems Group. "Fiery's advanced production capabilities and workflow automation features make the Xerox 4110 an even greater force in the light-production market." EXP4110 delivers renowned Fiery performance in a highly scaleable system for Xerox 4110 customers, whose average print volumes range from 80,000 to 350,000 pages per month. The EXP4110's powerful core features include EFI's multiple award-winning Command WorkStation and deliver a workflow that is optimal in high volume office/corporate environments where a professional printer operator is not present. Optional Fiery packages include the Fiery Production Printing Package that enables maximum speed printing while producing complex documents and provides a comprehensive production workflow where print operators are present. The following are key features of the EXP4110 and the available, customizable options for different customer environments: -- Fiery Command WorkStation, which recently won a 2005 BERTL's Best Award, sets the standard in centralized print job management with an intuitive interface and a variety of sophisticated, productivity-enhancing tools. Available for both PC and Macintosh operating systems, Command WorkStation has the flexibility to be run locally, as well as on multiple client stations. -- Improved Security -- Fiery security features for the Xerox 4110 Digital Copier/Printer include: -- Secure Erase to remove all traces of job data from the Fiery hard disk drive; -- IP Filtering to control access to the printing device; -- Port Blocking to control access to the Fiery through remote management; -- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) provides the level of security required for government and large corporations and allows the Fiery administrator to prevent unauthorized users from accessing the Fiery -- EFI Hot Folders -- improves productivity by automating the job submission process and batch processing PostScript and PDF files. -- Driver-based Imposition -- this booklet maker offers comprehensive booklet imposition. -- New Text/Graphics Enhancement Technology -- The Xerox 4110 sets an image-quality benchmark for its printer class, printing at 2400 dots per inch (dpi). With 2400 dpi engine addressability, the EXP4110 enables 4110 customers to print 2400 dpi quality text and graphics at high speed. This new Fiery technology allows the production to print smoother lines and curves, as well as sharper text. -- Variable Data Printing -- the Fiery EXP4110 provides industry-leading VDP performance, enabling 4110 customers to efficiently create customized marketing campaigns. The EFI VDP solution is open, flexible, scaleable, and includes the most comprehensive, proven range of VDP languages -- Fiery FreeForm, industry standard PPML, Xerox VIPP, and a host of legacy proprietary languages. The EFI VDP solution enables the EXP4110 to seamlessly integrate into existing variable data workflows and ensures consistency regardless of whether the job is VDP or non-VDP. Powerful Options Available for the EXP4110 Server -- The Fiery Production Printing Package delivers unprecedented production management capability, functionality that is exclusively provided by EFI. This Fiery Package is a set of job management and submission tools that enable the Xerox 4110 to deliver the fastest output for the most elaborate, complicated print jobs. -- Including automated native MS Office document job submission, the Package eliminates bottlenecks and minimizes downtime. -- The Fiery Production Printing Package also greatly abates the need for operator intervention and maximizes the full functionality of the Xerox 4110 finishing options. -- EFI Compose is integral to the Package as its advanced preview and editing capability readily handles complex composition. -- Paper Catalog is a system-based paper warehouse database included with the Package. Automating media control and easing operator intervention, Paper Catalog stores attributes of the entire media stock available at the warehouse of a production site. -- EFI Impose, Fiery Edition is a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) client/server-based imposition application that enables entire documents to be imposed, edited and assembled quickly, before RIPping the files. Providing the unique ability to create an unlimited number of new custom imposition templates, this feature is independent of platform, application and file format, and supports a wide variety of source documents, including all VDP languages. -- The Fiery Advanced Controller Interface kit enables Command WorkStation to be run locally at the Fiery, making it ideal for operator-centric environments. The Fiery stand, custom-designed furniture, is also included in this option. The EXP4110 joins the family of powerful Fiery solutions designed specifically for Xerox's full line of color printers and digital presses, from the Xerox iGen3 110 Digital Production Press through the Xerox DocuColor 12, and Fiery for the Xerox Phaser EX7750 color laser printer, which won a Macworld 2005 Best of Show award. Fiery external and integrated servers are also available for the Xerox DocuColor 240/250 Digital Color Printer/Copier. "The Fiery EXP4110 brings to market our most advanced System Software to date, a powerful yet flexible workflow that removes unnecessary complexity and unites multiple functions into a single integrated, high performance system," said Frank Mallozzi, vice president, worldwide sales and marketing, EFI. "Its introduction continues the long-standing, successful EFI/Xerox relationship that delivers high-value product innovations to Xerox customers -- exactly what they need to produce jobs at the highest speed possible, with consistently high image quality." Availability Fiery solutions for Xerox digital systems are available through the Xerox direct sales force, authorized sales agents, and via TeleWeb operations. For more information, visit www.xerox.com or call 800-ASK-XEROX. The Fiery EXP4110, among other Fiery solutions for Xerox, will be shown at Print 05 Xerox Booth No. 1228 and EFI Booth No. 8315.