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ICS Announces Automatic Remote Director Proof Creation From Any Workflow

Press release from the issuing company

New York, NY; August 22, 2005 - As monitor-based proofing becomes more and more popular, the industry is now seeing a shift from "Will I do this?" to "How will I do this?" Integrated Color Solutions (ICS), the industry leader in remote monitor proofing, recently announced a new API with its award-winning Remote Director monitor-based proofing system. "The significance of this latest development from ICS is that now Remote Director can be easily integrated with any open or JDF -compliant workflow," says John Sweeney, the company's vice president of sales and marketing and member of the CIP4 Advisory Board. "ICS continues to leverage the power of open standards, including PDF and TIFF file formats, ICC profiles and, now, with the Remote Director Proof Creation API, automated proofing from integrated workflows." Remote Director will feature a new interface that will allow third party developers to create proofs, invite viewers, and set permissions. Their users can send a proof to anyone with Remote Director without leaving the third party application. Remote Director customers can use the same API, to create hot folders to automate the proof creation and invitation process of display proofing, giving them the ability to configure a "hands-off" approach to Remote Director. "Some of our customers don't need to use Remote Director to create proofs and invite others to view those proofs. They only need to see the proof after their client has reviewed it and marked up the changes," explains Dan Caldwell, vice president of operations for ICS. "The API allows our customers to configure Remote Director to suit their individual needs and to be easily integrated into any workflow." "Xinet is pleased ICS has added an API that will allow us to add support for Remote Director as a proofing system from our WebNative Portal product. Using the Remote Director proof creation API will give WebNative Portal users the ability to send proofs out to verified color desktops at any client or vendor location without ever leaving the Xinet portal," says Tony McCarthy, director of technical sales for Xinet. With the new interface, any third party application can be made to interact with Remote Director. Using proper JDF instructions, the application will automatically create a proof and invite viewers, giving them instructions for sign-off and color condition. Alan Darling, executive vice president of Vio, Inc., has also implemented this new Remote Director feature. "We have been using JDF with Remote Director in our ad file delivery system for the past six months," he says. "We are very excited about using the Remote Director Proof Creation API in phase two of our product plans." Users also benefit from Remote Director's ability to encourage collaboration in real time or whenever it's convenient for each viewer. Domenick Propati, president of CertiFyle, adds, "Impact Workflow Solutions is eager to deliver a color proofing solution with our CertiFyle product. Using Remote Director's proof creation API gives our users the additional visual approval and sign off with our file certification and delivery. Keeping a single proof for all viewers available on a secure server is right in line with our product design and services." "Combined with Remote Director's compatibility and ease of use, the new interface makes display-based proofing simple to implement and gives users tremendous advantages in terms of time and cost savings," adds ICS' Caldwell.