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Pageflex Storefront Honored with 2005 GATF InterTech Technology Award

Press release from the issuing company

CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--Aug. 17, 2005-- Pageflex today announced that Pageflex Storefront has won the prestigious GATF InterTech Technology Award for 2005. Pageflex Storefront is a turn-key software package that helps print service providers with limited Web development expertise to enter the variable printing market by making it easy to set up an online literature management and ordering site with robust document customization capabilities. Pageflex Storefront is the only software package for Web-to-print or variable data publishing to be honored with this award, which is recognized industry wide as a mark of excellence and innovation. The judges described the system as "elegant," "user friendly," and "amazingly powerful." Pageflex Storefront revolutionizes the process of creating a Web-to-print site, reducing time-to-deployment from weeks or months to just days or even hours. It also dramatically reduces the level of expertise required to deploy a sophisticated Web-to-print site. The Storefront administration application provides point-and-click definition of a customized Web site, with pre-defined guided workflows for customizable print products. Using interface options, a service provider creates product catalogs, links Pageflex templates to the catalogs, sets up user profiles, chooses site skinning, and defines shipping and purchasing options. The result is an automatically-generated Web site, ready to use, and created without the need for programming expertise. For Web-to-print applications, one key problem solved in Pageflex Storefront is providing accurate online previews and online editable documents with an exact match to the printed output. Within Pageflex Storefront, the document displayed for the end-user is generated in the same XML-based composition engine that will produce the final print output. This means that the end-user does not need to be concerned that their choice of platform or browser might produce an online proof that differs from the final output. Pageflex Storefront also includes interactive editing technology that enables end-users to directly manipulate a document for online customization by clicking on the various document elements. This Free-edit capability is unique because of its display accuracy as well as its provision for locking-down certain elements within the layout, maintaining brand identity standards as well as design integrity but still enabling end-users to have the intuitive free edit experience. Recently released Pageflex Storefront 2.5 not only incorporates user management and document editing capability, but also includes fully integrated e-commerce features. Service providers can set up pricing tables and rules for pricing calculations. Integrated shipping options such as FedEx and UPS are included, with automated display of delivery options and costs based on user-specified shipping destinations and Storefront-calculated order weights. Integrated credit card processing through VeriSign is also available, including tracking of payment authorization and collections. "By making sophisticated, flexible, and powerful Web-to-print capabilities quick and easy to deploy, Pageflex Storefront meets a strong and growing demand in the marketplace," says Anna Chagnon, Pageflex CEO. "We're very pleased that the GATF InterTech Technology Award judges recognize our innovation and have honored Pageflex Storefront."