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Creo Presents the Latest Digital Prepress Solutions at China Print 2005

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China Print 2005, Beijing, China (May 11, 2005) – Creo Inc. is featuring the latest digital prepress solutions at China Print 2005 in Beijing, China, from May 11 to 15. China Print is the largest graphic arts trade show in China, held every four years, and is expected to attract more than 120,000 visitors. Highly Automated and Localized Commercial CTP Solutions Creo is showcasing its leading computer-to-plate (CTP) model — the Trendsetter — the most widely installed CTP system around the world and the best selling CTP in China. The Creo Trendsetter 800 II Quantum ContinuousLoad 8-page CTP device offers easy operation, the highest production speed, advanced automation and SQUAREspot thermal imaging technology for quality, efficiency and reliability. The industry-leading Prinergy workflow management system offers powerful PDF processing from end-to-end. Supported by the most intuitive graphic user interfaces, the Chinese version of this award-winning workflow system helps Chinese customers take full advantage of the PDF based workflow for optimal prepress production. Built on the foundation of the market-leading Prinergy workflow, Prinergy Evo features proven PDF processing power with outstanding ease of use and a low cost of ownership. Its enhanced automation and easy maintenance streamlines commercial workflow processes, increases efficiency, and reduces production costs. The latest version 1.2, being launched at China Print 2005, features a Chinese user interface to provide local customers with optimal efficiency. Preps is the world’s leading digital imposition tool with over 25,000 customers worldwide. Now users in China can take full advantage of the productivity benefits of Preps version 5.1 with support in Simplified Chinese. Preps 5.1 allows users to read the dialog boxes, menus, template windows, and job windows in Chinese. The system accepts values entered in the Chinese character set and supports vertical writing in Chinese fonts on static text marks, flat identifier marks, text SmartMarks, and built-in signature collation marks. Offset and Flexo Packaging CTP Solutions In the packaging sector, Creo is showcasing its Trendsetter VLF CTP system and introducing its flexo solutions, offering packaging printers, converters and tradeshops the flexibility of offset and flexo digital processes. The Trendsetter VLF, the most widely used very-large-format CTP device in the industry, provides an affordable thermal CTP solution for very large format web and sheetfed printers. Creo offers the Trendsetter VLF in a full range of speeds to meet the specific requirements of packaging printers, converters and tradeshops. Driving the Trendsetter VLF is Prinergy Powerpack, the workflow management system Creo developed for the specialized needs of packaging trade shops, printers and converters. It brings the automation, color handling and trapping tools of the industry-leading workflow to the packaging industry. Newspaper CTP Solution In partnership with HiTech, Creo is showing its newspaper CTP solution — the Trendsetter NEWS 150. With four models imaging from 70 to 200+ plates per hour, the Trendsetter NEWS family from Creo delivers the fastest thermal imaging speeds to the newspaper market with outstanding plate-to-plate consistency and newspaper presswork of the highest possible quality. Ever since its 2002 debut in China, the Trendsetter NEWS has attracted much attention from newspaper printers for its thermal imaging technology, optimal performance and ease of operation. Creo is also showcasing the Synapse NewsManager workflow for the first time in China. This powerful new PDF workflow management tool for newspaper prepress helps improve productivity, grow sales and reduce material costs. The Synapse NewsManager workflow is based on open file standards and integrates easily into newspaper printers’ existing systems. Synapse NewsManager is scalable to meet the needs of any size printer, from contract printers to metropolitan, national and international dailies with multiple print sites. Staccato Bar and Application Center Demonstrates Value in Print The Staccato Bar features an international collection of printed products that were produced using Staccato screening. These samples attract much attention wherever they are shown. Staccato screening enables very fine tone reproduction using microdots as small as 10 microns. Combined with SQUAREspot thermal imaging, Staccato makes FM screening a practical tool for today’s pressroom and an effective competitive edge for today’s printers. Several companies in China are already using Staccato as a strategic tool for differentiation. Their customers are enjoying near-photographic quality printing. Creo is also working with partners, including HumanEyes and Huber, to showcase the integration of technologies, such as lenticular printing and gold-silver printing, with Creo’s prepress workflows. These applications help printers better differentiate and add value to their products and services. JDF at Work Increased efficiencies through automation, integration and cross-vendor interoperability are the goals of Networked Graphic Production. This industry-wide initiative is helping to define a standard set of NGP interfaces that are based on the JDF file standard. By adopting this JDF interface, each of the NGP Partner solutions will be able to communicate with one another, thereby creating a family of plug-and-play solutions that provide a seamless flow of job and production data across the entire production process. At China Print 2005, Creo is partnering with MIS system provider Hiflex to showcase JDF at work for the first time in China. Digital Photography Solution For the first time in China, Creo is demonstrating Leaf Aptus digital camera backs at China Print. Available with resolutions of 22 and 17 megapixels, the Leaf Aptus 22 and Leaf Aptus 17 are designed for portability and ease of use with the robustness, resolution and efficient workflow required by professional photographers. Enhanced Workflow Solution for Commercial Offset and Digital Printing Partnering with Xerox, Creo is showing the Spire CXP8000 color server for the first time in China. Based on unique Creo technology, the Spire CXP8000 color server provides comprehensive variable information (VI) support, sophisticated color-management tools, expanded document-printing capabilities, and a user-friendly interface for commercial printers. The Spire CXP8000 color server features a unique connection with the Creo Brisque and Prinergy workflow systems. With JDF support, the Spire color server integrates commercial offset and digital printing, facilitating faster turnaround times and minimizing errors. Spire also provides unmatched variable information capabilities through the Creo Darwin VI authoring tool and numerous other VI authoring tools. See the live demonstration of the Spire CXP8000 color server driving the Xerox DocuColor 8000 Digital Press in the Xerox booth #8A007. See all of the Creo solutions for commercial, packaging and newspaper printers in the Creo booth, #4011A, at China Print, May 11-15.