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New Oce TDS800 Pro Series Improves Workflow Productivity for Broad Range of Large Format Users

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CHICAGO, May 11 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today announced the Oce TDS800 Pro Series -- a highly configurable printing and scanning system designed to meet the dynamic workflow requirements of any mid-to high- volume large format printing environment. The new series combines the industry's leading large format technical document printing and scanning technology with productivity-enhancing features that streamline pre-production, production and post-production tasks and provide for a lower total cost of ownership. The end result is an intuitive, totally integrated and highly productive system that gets professional production quality projects out the door faster and easier than ever before. Not only is the new Oce TDS800 Pro Series adaptable to any workflow environment, its ease of operation accommodates the skill level of a wide variety of end users across multiple industries. In addition, the value of the series is further strengthened by the Oce portfolio of productivity-enhancing workflow software. The Oce TDS800 Pro Series is on display for the first time for reprographers at the International Reprographic Association's 79th annual convention and trade show starting today in Las Vegas, NV. Because the Oce TDS800 Pro Series is highly configurable, reprographers, architects, engineers, construction companies, government agencies and manufacturers can tailor a system to fit the specific needs of their operations plus have the confidence of upgradeability as their needs change. The system allows them to more effectively streamline the communication of technical information, decrease turnaround times, scan documents to prepare them for electronic distribution, decrease processing steps, reduce operating costs and waste, and optimize labor costs. The series' modular design lets customers choose among many system configurations including two different scanners, the number of media rolls (2, 4, or 6 rolls), printer speeds of 6, 8, or 10 E- size sheets per minute and various folder and stacker options. The series uses the innovative Oce Copy Press technology to ensure superior print quality plus productivity- enhancing workflow software to maximize user efficiency. With more than seven million possible configurations, the inherent flexibility of the Oce TDS800 Pro Series gives organizations a solution that can easily evolve with workplace and customer demands. No other system offers such a secure investment. The Oce TDS800 Pro Series is built to last using the proven technology that has established Oce high volume printers as the best selling system on the market. Because the system is so durable and reliable, it is warranted (when continuously maintained under an Oce maintenance agreement) to last for at least seven years or 50 million square feet of printing -- whichever comes first. "In today's competitive business climate, customers have three objectives when acquiring a large format print/copy/scan system -- low total lifetime cost of operations, a long term solution that is upgradeable as needs change, and the best technology available," said Sal Sheikh, Vice President of Marketing for the Oce Wide Format Printing Systems division of Oce North America, Inc. "The Oce TDS800 is the only mid- to high-volume large format print system available today that meets all three requirements." Endless Configurations Mean Optimal Productivity The advantages of the Oce TDS 800 Pro Series include the following: Adjustable Print Speed The flexibility of the Oce TDS800 Pro Series addresses diverse workload requirements for both in-house and commercial environments. The series dramatically streamlines workflow and productivity, as it is customized for each operating environment from among seven million configurations. Users can select from a variety of options that include printing speeds ranging from 6, 8 or 10 E-size prints per minute. Multiple Rolls, Easy Replacement The Oce TDS800 Pro printer can be configured to hold 2, 4 or 6 rolls, providing the largest online media capacity in the industry. Both the standard 500 feet and oversized 650 feet rolls are supported. There is no slowdown when switching rolls, no cleaning of corona wires or print heads, and toner can be added on the fly -- all designed to increase productivity through continuous operations. Fast and Easy High Quality Scans Additional flexibility comes from the ability to pair either the award winning Oce TDS600 or Oce TDS800 scanner with the Oce TDS800 print engine. Both provide a fast and easy method for copying and scanning originals up to 36" wide. At 4 and 8 E-size scans per minute respectively, these scanners are among the fastest in their class. Great productivity gains come from patented Oce Image Logic image-enhancement scanning technology. It automatically cleans up drawings and creates first-time-right scans with a single touch of the Oce "green button." The result is a superior scan and copy quality and dramatic labor savings that eliminates the trial-and-error and post-processing steps required by most scanners. Numerous Folder and Finishing Options Folder and finishing options provide for combinations that include a folder, punch unit, copy delivery tray, and the unique and highly productive Oce Double Decker Pro stacker. By choosing the appropriate finishing options, customers can increase productivity and save on the manual labor steps that can delay the delivery of jobs after printing. Unsurpassed Print Quality and Workflow Benefits The Oce TDS800 Pro Series comes with the same high standards of quality and productivity that produce the professional results Oce customers have come to expect over the years. These include: Oce Copy Press Technology The series utilizes innovative Oce Copy Press technology. This offset- like Direct Dot Positioning technology ensures the toner is applied directly where it is required for highly accurate and reliable prints. Its imaging technology facilitates a 100 percent tone transfer without the need for toner recycling and also helps maintain a clean corona unit. Other attributes include a clean and short paper path and new fuser roll cleaning function to promote a longer life for the drum and minimal dust pollution. Oce Power Logic XPe Controller The heart of the system is a new version of the Oce Power Logic XPe controller, which is used in all Oce TDS and TCS multifunction systems. The controller provides features that allow for true system concurrency, print job management, ease-of-use, and scan viewing and routing. Choice of Workflow Software A range of software applications is available for optimized workflow and control. Included with the Oce TDS800 Pro Series are Advanced Queue Manager for management of the history queue of print jobs for quick reprinting or print order prioritization needs, the Oce Settings Editor, which allows workflow to be optimized by setting defaults of all system components, and Oce Matrix Logic software for one-step copying of full- and half-size sets. Workflow can be further optimized with Oce Account Center cost allocation software and Job Templates for time saving production of typical print job requests. Print automation software choices include the popular Repro Desk Server software for reprographers and AEC users and Oce Print Exec Pro software for manufacturing, utility and government users. An optional module enables processing of PDF and PostScript files using technology licensed from Adobe. Availability The Oce TDS800 Pro Series is available now. For more information, call 800-714-4427, or visit http://www.oceusa.com.