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HumanEyes 3D Distribution Expands as Global Demand Increases

Press release from the issuing company

Jerusalem, Israel – April 4, 2005 – HumanEyes Technologies, a leading innovator in advanced production solutions for easy 3D photo capture through output; says that only nine months after launch it has signed 17 distribution partners throughout the world. CEO Gideon Ben-Zvi attributes the rapid pace to aggressive market demand for new and novel media vehicles. “High quality 3D has tremendous, proven impact on the buyer,” Ben-Zvi says. “Brand managers, printers, prepress specialists and photographers recognize that we can equip them with this powerful, extremely appealing medium, and know that their clients will want it. As a result, we’ve signed some of the world’s biggest names in graphic arts distribution to meet demand.” HumanEyes has patented unique 3D software technology allowing: 1) easy creation of natural 3D images; 2) output on any size paper through large format, backlit displays and 3D displays including cell phones; and 3) very comfortable, natural 3D viewing (no special glasses; no headaches). The software also incorporates conventional special effects functions such as flip, morph, and zoom. HumanEyes 3D does not require additional equipment investments – it uses off-the-shelf digital cameras, and mainstream printers and digital presses. HumanEyes international distributors to date include: USA – xpedx; Latin America (Chile) – Top; Germany (Austria) – d.i.s. pro; Benelux (Netherlands) - 3DVisie; France – Graphtec; Italy – IMAS GRAFICA S.r.l; Sweden - Schneidler ; Russia – We R.Supply International; Spain - Ingraphic SA; Switzerland – d.i.s. pro; United Kingdom - NCS Group PLC; India - Shotam Instruments Private Ltd., and RGV Telecom Private Ltd.; Korea – Centiuum Corporation; Singapore – E Vision; Israel - Getter Graphics; and Africa - First Graphics. 2004 Awards HumanEyes 3D’s 2004 debut has been met with industry acclaim and considerable market interest. At its May launch during drupa 2004, graphic arts’ key trade event taking place every four years, HumanEyes was selected an “Innovation of the Show.” drupa was followed by North America’s largest graphic arts tradeshow and conference, Graph Expo 2004. At this show, HumanEyes received a prestigious “Must See ‘Em” recognition. 3D Images Yield Much Higher Impact on Consumers than Conventional, 2D Pictures The consumer impact realized from 3D is significantly higher than the impact created by 2D pictures, according to Market Watch, and other, studies. Brands already generating 3D or motion campaigns with HumanEyes 3D include: Miss Universe Organization, Looney Tunes, Coca Cola, Tati, Castro, Coffee Bean, Segafredo, Bed, Bath and Beyond, Phat Farm, Captain Morgan Parrot Bay Rum and Dove Shampoo.