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New Options for Oce TCS400 Large Format Color Print/Copy/Scan System

Press release from the issuing company

CHICAGO, Feb. 15 -- Oce, a global leader in digital document management and delivery solutions, today introduced the newest version of the Oce TCS400 fully integrated large format color print/copy/scan system. Two new features -- a third media roll and a copy receiving rack -- have been added to increase printing efficiency and reduce the need for operator intervention. The Oce TCS400 is the only CAD inkjet printer that offers these benefits, making it a highly productive solution in a growing market for large format color technical documents. Now, AEC, government, GIS, manufacturing and print-for-pay firms have a truly integrated color CAD print, copy and scan system that produces twice the number of monochrome prints per hour, offers one-step color copying and saves money while increasing user productivity over other thermal inkjet plotters. The addition of a third media roll and a copy receiving rack lets users easily switch between three media roll sizes or types for less waste and trimming -- reducing media and finishing costs. The copy receiving rack allows the printer to run unattended or overnight because it automatically stacks prints without the need for operator attention. "The Oce TCS400 addresses the need for a comprehensive and flexible system that generates large format color technical documents with greater ease and less operator involvement. Now, both of these new media handling options further strengthen this solution for more productive printing, copying and scanning. Plus, they free up valuable time so that professionals can spend less time printing and focus on their core responsibilities," said Sal Sheikh, Director of Marketing for the Oce Wide Format Printing Systems division of Oce North America, Inc. The two new media handling options of the Oce TCS400 offer the following benefits: Third Media Roll Provides Instant Access to More Types and Widths The third media roll provides immediate, online access to up to three different media types or widths. This minimizes the number of times that users have to manually change media types or widths to match the requirements of specific jobs or customers. Ultimately, this translates to less waste and trimming, thereby reducing media and finishing costs. At the same time, these three media rolls increase the total online media capacity up to 900 feet allowing large print jobs to be completed without interruption for media replenishment. Copy Receiving Rack Neatly Stacks Output for Distribution The copy receiving rack offers a professional solution for stacking output from the Oce TCS400. Prints and copies are neatly stacked in the rack ready for distribution. This prevents prints from falling on the floor with the risk of becoming damaged, soiled or even lost, or of drawings within sets becoming collated out of order, which can lead to mistakes in distribution. This option frees up valuable staff time otherwise spent stacking or sorting prints or even reprinting those that have become torn or damaged on the floor. System Minimizes Operator Intervention Both new features of the Oce TCS400 enable engineers and key operators to focus more on their key jobs rather than "babysitting" the equipment. The efficiency of the third media roll and the copy receiving rack keep the need for human intervention to a minimum. For example, users do not have to change printer media as often or manually sort sets of copies. Instead, they are able to attend to more productive responsibilities while the Oce TCS400 prints, copies and scans with increased efficiency. Continued Benefits of the Oce TCS400 -- Speed, Simplicity and Reliability The Oce TCS400 print/copy/scan system addresses the growing need for color in the technical document market. It combines a print engine, scan unit and integrated Oce Power Logic(R) Controller to generate faster file processing -- up to three times faster for large color files over leading inkjet printers and twice the number of monochrome prints per hour over other thermal inkjet printers. Aside from maximizing the number of prints, copies and scans that can be produced per hour, the Oce TCS400 offers the highest possible ease of use and productivity. Oce Image Logic(TM) technology is the key to Oce's simple and intuitive "Green Button" functionality. It guarantees line sharpness, text readability and background quality. It enables any original to be copied or scanned at optimum quality without the need for complex settings or special operator skills. Finally, the Oce TCS400 ensures a safe and reliable investment with consistently high output quality even after years of operation, as a result of automatic calibration and alignment. In addition, the modular architecture of the Oce TCS400 enables it to keep pace with technological developments with upgrades that increase functionality. Availability The newest version of the Oce TCS400 is now available. For more information, call 800-714-4427 or visit http://www.oceusa.com .