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KPG's Matchprint Virtual Proofing System: LCD Saves Time, Ensures Color Accuracy

Press release from the issuing company

Norwalk, Connecticut, USA — Studio One East, a full service graphic arts studio in Chicago, recently installed the Kodak Polychrome Graphics (KPG) Matchprint Virtual Proofing System – LCD to save time and increase color accuracy with its proofing. To further enhance efficiency, the company also installed KPG’s RealTimeProof Express, a server that allows users to stream high resolution files locally without sending them to a remote location. “The Matchprint Virtual Proofing System – LCD saves time and eliminates the color guess work involved with soft proofing,” said Bill Scheffler, Director of Color Management, Studio One East. “Up until the installation of the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System – LCD, we always had to estimate the color from monitor to proof, especially shadow and other subtle details. Now when we pull the proof, there are no surprises, which is important because an incorrect proof can cause you to miss a deadline.” When Studio One East had to produce 15 print ads for one of its largest customers, the art director suggested that the team use the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System throughout the entire process. In the end, Studio One East saved the client 40 hard copy proofs by using the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System. Launched in October, the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System – LCD is KPG’s second generation, SWOP (Specifications for Web Offset Publications) certified monitor proofing solution. With the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System – LCD, users employ off the shelf approved LCD monitors integrated into a RealTimeProof workflow to deliver contract color monitor proofing. Studio One East installed its first Matchprint Virtual Proofing System more than a year ago when Leo Burnett offered them a Matchprint Virtual Proofing System kiosk to simplify the proofing process between the two companies. Studio One East had such success with the kiosk that it ultimately decided to switch to LCD, allowing users to utilize virtual proofing on the desktop. “When I was first introduced to the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System, I was very impressed,” said Scheffler. “It was exciting to see such consistent, accurate color on the monitor.” The Matchprint Virtual Proofing System – LCD combines the convenience of RealTimeProof with the color and accuracy of the KPG Matchprint Virtual Proofing technology. Utilizing high-end flat panel displays, the Matchprint Virtual Proofing System – LCD simplifies installation requirements and enables personal proofing. The system consists of one of four approved Matchprint Virtual – LCD monitors — the Eizo ColorEdge 21?, the Apple Cinema Display 20? (plastic), the New Apple Cinema Display 20? and the New Apple Cinema Display 23?, Matchprint Virtual Proofing Monitor Software, a Matchprint Virtual calibrator and the full suite of the RealTimeProof web-based proofing tools. To further increase efficiency, Studio One East also installed the RealTimeProof Express server, which employs the proofing workflow management efficiencies of the RealTimeProof.com service, with the ability to stream high resolution files from a local server. The RealTimeProof Express server communicates with the RealTimeProof.com site, informing it when new files are placed on the Express server. The RealTimeProof.com site tracks the images stored on the local Express server just as if the files had been uploaded to the RealTimeProof.com site. The RealTimeProof Express can stream files up to 15 times faster than sending the files to RealTimeProof.com. “With the RealTimeProof Express server, it is all about the savings in time,” said Scheffler. “With the Express server, we can load files onto the local server 75 percent faster than when using an external server.” Studio One East is one of Chicago’s premier full service graphic arts studios specializing in high resolution retouching and color management. With more than 30 employees and full design capabilities through prepress, Studio One East services advertising agencies and corporate clients alike.