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New Citiplate Web Site Unveils New Corporate Logo And CTP Plate Technologies

Press release from the issuing company

(Westbury, NY – August 28, 2004) The just-launched, new www.citiplate.com web site presents Citiplate’s substantial portfolio of CTP, thermal, violet, no process and high- speed UV plate technologies. It also features the new Citiplate logo, to which ”imaging technologies” has been added, in order to emphasize the company’s expanded business scope as the industry’s business-to-business solution-provider of proprietary, patented CTP plate technologies. Citiplate’s business-to-business clientele currently numbers CTP electronics and consumables distributors, volume specialty printers, large purchasing groups and platesetter manufacturers. The goal of Citiplate’s custom plate manufacturing (CPM) programs is to maximize CTP platemaking throughput, savings and success, through creating CTP plate solutions ideally matched to the characteristics of leading thermal, violet and UV laser platesetters. Customization is also possible for specific print applications, run-lengths, press sizes and workflows. Businesses find Citiplate’s CTP plate solutions highly effective in building customer satisfaction among their clientele, increasing profitability, and gaining continued repeat consumables orders from end-users. Citiplate brings an array of proprietary and patented polymer, photopolymer, manufacturing process technologies and R&D resources to every CTP plate customization program it develops for its’ customers. No-process formulations, as well as photopolymers intended for environmentally friendly aqueous processing, are among the broad range of solutions offered in the most-popular CTP technologies: thermal, violet and high-speed UV, as described below: 1. Citiplate’s Thermal Imaging Group presents proprietary silverless photopolymer choices in the 830 nm CTP technology, which has become the current #1 choice of printers throughout the world. Citiplate offers solutions using its patented negative and positive no–pre-bake thermal CTP photopolymers, as well as its patented negative pre-bake thermal CTP photopolymer. 2. Citiplate’s Violet Imaging Group presents 405 nm silverless photopolymers, designed for imaging with violet laser diodes of 60 mw or more power. 3. Citiplate’s No-Process Imaging Group presents thermal, violet and high-speed UV photopolymer technologies, for plates that can be imaged in leading CTP platesetters, as well as in film-based UV imagesetters. These plates are hung on the press after imaging, without the need for any chemical developing or processing, whatsoever. The plates immediately develop on-press, as it operates. This economical technology offers unique benefits to end-users with 2-up and 4-up equipment. 4. Citiplate’s UV Imaging Group presents unique, 368 nm high-speed UV CTP negative photopolymer solutions, available in a range of speed choices from less than 5 mj/cm2 to 100 mj/cm2 to 250 mj/cm2 or more. Some members of this photopolymer family can be imaged in UV platesetters, as well as in contact frames, thus making it possible for end-users to benefit from a single, economical workflow for imaging and processing plates for all CTP and film jobs. Marking the launch of the new www.citiplate.com web site, CEO Gary Dolgins said, “Citiplate’s CTP plate technology solutions are ideal choices for businesses wanting optimized consumables that maximize the performance of their platesetters, workflows, or print applications. Citiplate.com opens a new business-to-business communication channel with key industry executives, offering a real alternative to ‘business as usual.’ We invite visitors to stop by www.citiplate.com and see for themselves what Citiplate has to offer in CTP plate technology.” Privately owned, Citiplate recently celebrated a half-century of service to the graphic arts industry and manufactures CTP plates in all sizes and gauges up to 80”. The company’s corporate headquarters are located at 1600 Stewart Avenue, Westbury, NY 11590 USA; telephone 1-516-484-2000. Research, development , manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Jackson, Tennessee.