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Ultimate announces Impostrip 8.0

Press release from the issuing company

Montreal, Canada, October 6th 2004 -- Ultimate Technographics Inc, the leading imposition software developer and the inventor of digital imposition, is pleased to announce Impostrip V8. With the addition of an intuitive built-in template ganging feature and the ability to do sectioning, to divide signatures between plates to optimize color work, Impostrip, provides more alternatives to automating and accelerating plate making for printers. New features are combined with Impostrip’s proven advantages of client/server that accelerates production, Origami and interactive preview accelerates template creation and the Color Bar Editor accelerates plate production. It is time to put a V8 in your workflow and feel the speed. Impostrip leaves other imposition products in the dust, in the rear view mirror. Impostrip V8 new features include: Ganging - Add independent pages of any size to an imposed job on the same plate. - Independent pages can be mixed with folded, imposed pages of a signature (same size pages). - Orientation of independent pages can be defined with a click of mouse when adding pages to a signature. - Two independent document lists: 1 for folded pages and another for independent pages on the plate. - Impostrip can gang PS with PDF, TIFF, etc on the same plate. - Optimize the use of presses when printing small projects. Sectioning - Recreate new signatures from a mix of different sections of existing signatures. - Use slug lines to help manage sectioned plates in production. - Display initial collating marks, sections have the same collating marks they would have before sectioning was applied - Optimize the use of presses by allowing the mix of signature sections that print in multiple colors and sections that print in a single color. - Sections are easily designed by using the cutting tool in Impostrip’s virtual folding tool Origami - Flexibility to print Sectionals or normal Signatures. Increased performance with client-server workflow, including Mac OS X clients and Mac OS X server or Windows server. Enhanced CIP 4 JDF file format and workflow support in Impostrip including generating a JDF file from a plate that includes ganged pages. Impostrip V8 enhances the support for separated and composite PS and PDF workflows that has been certified by many CIP4 members. David Watson, President and CEO Ultimate Technographics, “Impostrip V8 represents a huge milestone for our products. The new features directly address feedback we’ve been getting from seasoned and loyal Impostrip customers, and just as importantly, Preps users who have been looking for these features in Impostrip to ensure a smooth transition to Impostrip.” He continues “because Impostrip also supports Preps jobs and templates, and one copy of Impostrip with unlimited clients can replace multiple seats of Preps ­ we’ve just made the move more logical and more economical” "We serve a wide range of commercial printers," declares Maria Dolors Masip, president of Solugraphics, and Artwork System distributor inSpain, "and that includes very sophisticated multi-web printers who's extensive needs cannot be compromised when it comes to speed and quality.” She continues “Solugraphics needed a quick, quality oriented imposition development team that could respond to our clients needs and Ultimate surpassed our expectations. We found Impostrip 8 so far ahead of all the other imposition solutions ­ particularly with features like the color bar creator, the two ways to perform ganging - different size with templates and without templates ­ as well as the ease of use of the coming and going, sectioning, and the new duplexing proofing. All of these features have been designed to help our customers save time and consumables. I have to say: Ultimate delivers the most feature-rich products with a very simple and intuitive interface - that's what the users want". “This is a great way for us to celebrate our 15th anniversary,” Watson adds. “Ultimate not only invented imposition, but we still have the original development team that created imposition software 15 years ago. We have more accumulated experience then any other supplier to meet the real needs of our customers with innovative development. Important facts about Impostrip 8.0 Impostrip V8 comes in two versions. The full product comes with unlimited clients and all the features of the product like interactive preview, Origami and the Color Bar Editor. It also comes with Impostrip Ganging which is a tool for free form interactive ganging. It has complete support for CIP4 PPF, ink density, folding and cutting information. Impostrip Solo V8 comes with only one client, interactive preview, Origami and the Color Bar Editor, and now comes with the new template based ganging feature and support for JDF and PJTF. It does not come with sectioning, CIP4 PPF or the free form ganging. Impostrip V8 is available for beta testing and will be released in the fourth quarter of 2004. Anyone who purchases Impostrip will receive version 7.2 and a beta version of version 8.0. When V8 is released it will be free to anyone who purchased Impostrip at Graph Expo or after. See Ultimate at GraphExpo, located in both 5466